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  1. Any luck finding those WAVs? I'd very much enjoy a lossless version of this good old album, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  2. TOAD MAN tried WAVE ARMS IN AIR WILDLY! TOAD MAN'S OPPONENT used SHOOT TOAD MAN! TOAD MAN'S AI was confused! TOAD MAN fainted! (lame joke on the easiest Robot Master to beat in the history of forever)
  3. Proto Man's sprite needs its interior whitespace trimmed out. Also, DON'T save as JPG, it destroys clean edges with compression and is otherwise annoying for graphics work (best used only for photos and the like). Other than that, nice job. I'll use it myself if the above issues get fixed. Sorry I didn't get around to it; it skipped my mind entirely. Also, I love your Dive Man jazz mix.
  4. Mash your keyboard all you like, but you don't necessarily have to provide samples of your impeccable typing skills. XD
  5. Anything with Solar Man in it had better be damn good. I love his stage theme. XD
  6. Most looking forward to Wave Man vs. Splash Woman and Solar Man vs. Spring Man. Two watery themes is gonna be good no matter what, and Solar Man combined with Spring Man is going to be interesting to say the least.
  7. Not a problem; I love doing this kind of thing -- especially when it involves Mega Man. Best franchise ever in my humble opinion. =) I've included just about everything in the PSD, including paths between brackets in a hidden layer at the bottom of the stack. When the Proto Man Bracket goes up I'll make a few edits to it and send you a copy of that bracket as well. http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/NintendoMasterGC/MegaManBracketRound1-1.png
  8. Mega Man Bracket's done: http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/NintendoMasterGC/MegaManBracketRound1.png The sheer number of contestants is making the image a lot larger than I'd anticipated or desired, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. Here's to more remixes than last contest!
  9. I knew I was gonna mess up one of those...lemme fix that. XD So much image switching it was bound to happen to somebody.
  10. Hadn't thought of it, but I'm sure I can come up with something for the competition's supporters.
  11. I'm glad you all like the design. =) The signatures are all completed, and I'll be sending each of you a PM containing the URL for your image. Kindly save and upload them to your own image host so as not to eat up all my bandwidth.
  12. In the vein of the Maverick Battle, it'll probably be called the Bass Bracket. EDIT: Updated signatures for Anti-Syne and BlackPanther. Churning out more shortly.
  13. It's a play on the DLN/DWN system. =) I was going to abbreviate it as RMX, but that's too confusing... I'll see about working the Robot Master names into the design somehow. Also, Anti-Syne, you're supposed to be Remixer-001, not -000. That was a mistake on my part, which I'll fix in a moment.
  14. Workin' on signatures for you lot... For the Mega Man bracket competitors: For the Proto Man bracket competitors: Remixer Numbers are assigned in order of listing in the official brackets (Mega Man is numbers 1-16, Proto Man is numbers 17-32), and obviously everyone gets their own name and mugshot. Speaking of mugshots, I need a decent one for Ground Man -- everyone else I already have images for. EDIT: Never mind, found what I was looking for. Never fails; the moment you ask for help, you end up accomplishing it yourself.
  15. Depends on who he gets paired with...Spring Man's tune is quite cheery, and it'd be tricky blending it with something the likes of, say, Bubble Man.
  16. Better be some lyrics in there somewhere -- you know I look forward to that! I require more sing-along material for long road trips, and what better to sing about than robots and villains? Certainly! I'll PM it to you. Hope you've got CS5...
  17. I'm well aware it's the 2011 competition, but it's also the second Robot Master battle, which is why I used "2" as opposed to "2011". That's easily altered, though, as well as the "banner" feel. Gimme maybe 30min and I'll have something new for you. EDIT: And an hour of tweaking and adjusting and adding later there was a new product: http://triggerproductions.net/images/GRMRB2011small.png
  18. I'd very much like to also be involved with graphics production; whipped this album art up in Photoshop in 15min or so: http://triggerproductions.net/images/GRMRB2.png Whenever the contest is over I'll add the winning Robot Master's sprite in Mega Man's usual spot.
  19. I am looking forward to this way more than the original, largely because my dream has come true -- major props to chroxic for choosing Gravity Man, the badassest Robot Master of all time! Mega Man 5 seriously doesn't get enough love. Definitely gonna be rooting for the underdog in this competition! Also props to the Gario/Napalm Man team and whoever ends up with the rights to Wave Man!
  20. I never reply to remixes, ever, but this one deserves serious props. More mixes like this are welcome in my music folder any day. @KyleJCrb: I loved Sonic Heroes as well; it's one of Sonic Team's better 3D productions.
  21. I clicked the v8 link. I listened. After about five seconds, all I could think was "holy sh*t." This mindset persisted well after the track was done playing. Word: awesome. I never imagined the undersold Rockman & Forte could ever sound this amazing. Maybe it's just the fanboy in me wanting to start screaming at the top of my lungs and/or start crying when I hear my beloved series given proper musical treatment, but I have seriously got to give you a whole box of kudos for this. Oh the things nostalgia will do to you. =)
  22. As just a casual listener with extremely little background in the creation of music, I've got a couple things to say. First, I am seriously stepping to this. Seriously. Good solid beat. Next, and this is an issue I've seen in a lot of brand-new mixes, a lot of the instruments sound unintentionally fake. An actual remixer could probably point a finger at exactly what needs fixing, but that's just what hits me as I listen -- some of this doesn't sound like it was meant to be this fake-sounding. The last thing is conveniently at the end of the track -- the classic Mega Man death sound effect doesn't seem to fit well at the end. Maybe you could use the Game Over jingle from EXE4 instead, or even EXE5. Criticisms aside, I definitely want to see this polished up and added to OCR. Mega Man can't have enough musical treatment to suit my taste; by all means, finish this up so I can add yet another song to my 90-hour Mega Man playlist. Always room for more!
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