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  1. I was already following OCR tho... However I retweeted anyway so hopefully it will still work... Doubt I'll win anyway, I don't get that lucky xD
  2. Hmm... Track by track so far. Ok, so I'm a sucker for the Prelude. (Preludematsude) Not bad (The Last March) Blends into the background well as I work (Revival) Wait... that's Final Fantasy VIII!? Oooooooo. (Rebel Dream) *sees song title pop up* I do like a good song title that makes me giggle... Also win. (Leon is a Fucking Dick) *hears "By our planets combined* Hah... (garLACTUS Win) I can see myself humming along... and this getting stuck in my head. (Deuces) And that's where I'm at now.
  3. Well, they had a small dive semi-mini-game-ish thing in B&W/B2&W2 with the underground ruins with all the Arceus plates, so it's not like they haven't done some ground work on an update... Besides, they should do a re-make of Emerald too. Behold. CHOAS EMERALD.
  4. Still waiting on dat FFVII remake... Also I felt old when FR/LG came out and that was what, 8 years ago when I was 17?
  5. I'm just gunna have to get it for my pokemon fix because Nintendo are never gunna roll with my "huge big off every region game of deathly awesome, hey look the franchise is dead" idea. That and I don't remember much about RSE but I remember I liked it more than DPPl.
  6. Affordability... tho if I don't stay in London I could come up on the Saturday, unless I make any birthday plans with the family/missus. Does give me an idea for a present tho lol.
  7. Bah... I was planning on going to MCM in May... but this one is around my birthday.. What do?
  8. Due to wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey magic it was out two years ago but within plain view of us all via the use of a perception filter. Oh yes! Allons-y!
  9. Awwww..... the excitement bar goes up a few 100 notches.
  10. Ok, basically, I was stating that back in the era of gaming GSH is from due to equipment limitations and other reasons most tracks were probably just 15~20 seconds of stuff before it was looped over anyway, but, having reflected on it, and re-listened to other tracks from a variety of sources I think I was barking partially up the wrong tree. Personally, I think Malcos has done pretty amazingly with what source there is with this track, but, bare in mind it's probably been 14~16 years since I played GSH (which was when I was like and so my memory probably can't remember the original... so I may have to do a YouTube hunt and get back to you again.
  11. I came across your Aerith's Theme video on YouTube today............. There are no words.


  12. Nick, I disagree. It's sometimes hard to go back to an old remix and have another crack, hence why it's very rarely done. And forgive me if I'm wrong, you've just listed everything that's rather staple in most VGM I've heard, particularly of the 8/16 bit eras? That aside, my thoughts on Malcos' 2nd take. It's >better< than the first in terms of technical skill. Personally I like both equally because they offer two sides of the coin. The original is more of a relaxing jaunt done in a more cautious style, whilst the new mix fits in with the overall theme of "Be Aggressive" because it's pretty much the polar opposite of the original. Props to the mixer for both.
  13. Got my copy downloaded like the OCR fanboy I am. Listening to Malcos' original 2 Stage remix first, I see he's done a new one... eager to listen to that in the play through.
  14. Yeah, 8's OST was pretty amazing. To see it in anything other than more heavy rock and borderline progressive tones would be interesting... Get IX and III out of the way (with some of the V project done) and maybe, but the list of current projects in works is long and people can only do so much, so I'm happy to wait.
  15. Well I'm a VII freak, but in general the music from all the games up to IX, and the OCR albums have been amazing... I mean, considering the themes, I can see VIII being a belter... Tho VI > VII despite my love for FFVII, OCR album wise. But IX could be a monster... So much eager.
  16. It was hard to even get SE on board to allow a NFP project first time around, I think they'll be just as difficult 2nd time around... convention dictates. Shame, still, regardless, gunna be sweet. Hurry the pluck up
  17. IF Kev Smith had anything to do with it, on the count of writing some Bat-comics a few years back, I'd be non-surprised. All the connections, handle it!
  18. Fureddi

    Diablo III

    Because PLOT STICK.
  19. As much as I love View Askew, and Dogma, I don't think Affleck was good in the movie. Better than Damon, but nothing stand out. Jason Lee however stood out for me. Shame he went on to become Dave...
  20. Nah, I mean, it's on my rotation of OCR tracks/Prog Rock greats/Random shit/Cricket right now, if it comes of it, send help. Hehe.
  21. As an MTG player for half my years (12) I do find it difficult sometimes to get into other card games, although I did play LOTR for ages until my best friends decided to buy the shop out of cards and obliterate everyone and make it no fun anymore. (Same old story in MTG at times but there is always some way to win with older cards where as you couldn't in LOTR) If, it runs differently from WoW TCG, I may try it. I didn't like that so much. If not, feh. I have Magic 14 on Steam and Theros is out just round the corner... That and BloodBowl.
  22. See, when he did Daredevil, I was like "Ok, that's fine, Daredevil isn't that great a Marvel character anyway." But now I'm like "Hmm... so DC want Batman to die again, after managing to keep him alive under Bale... well good job I prefer Marvel anyway." I still haven't seen the Super-duper-pooper-scooper Man film yet.
  23. Fureddi

    Diablo III

    Welp. Blizzard are getting some money from me again after all... Just when I thought I've escaped their clutches and killed the WoW addiction xD
  24. God... I hate that game more than I hate everyone and everything that bullied me at school...
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