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  1. Two tracks down, onto Vaporeon... BITE is an amazing track. Might have to add this onto my iPad summer track list. The whole EP. That's funny as I used the first one and it was fine for me.
  2. I think people cottoned on to the discussion and added extra excite with the Eevee EP.... I know my levels are raising having just downloaded it, and I'm only half way through the first track.
  3. It's still possible, I mean I could lend someone my Tardis... .
  4. Yay another Magic style clone. *Shuffles his Magic decks and ignores*.
  5. My dad used to have the books for the old Sinclairs and Ataris you needed to program and play these, always good fun for a laugh. I may have to grab hold of them and one of the machines from him to whittle away the hours.
  6. This, despite not being all too bothered with the next gen consoles as of yet.
  7. Hmm, granted, I do not live in a huge city, Dover, despite being world famous due to the damned cliffs, is really just an average British town truth be told, but even so I have a few friends that are, like myself, into games such as this intended for 5 years but even then I don't think any of us do what I aforementioned... yes that does not mean random strangers don't do it as well, but, I'm pretty sure I'd see people with at least their 3ds out on the way to work on the train, playing summat if not Pokemon... maybe my glasses need a clean. That said I may have to swing by a local fail (GAME) shop for a shiny legendary... Shame that the guys who run the small indie game shops aren't on this. Maybe I'll have a word with my mate who works in the Dover branch about it.
  8. Granted, but how many people in America, the UK, etc do you know that a) play Pokemon and actually do this? I would like to reckon the number is minute. I personally don't walk around with my 3DS in my pocket and up for such a pass and I would imagine that the majority don't either, it's probably more pure luck that it happens. Besides, if that was the pure case I'm highly surprised Game Freak allowed Nintendo to bring out games such as Stadium, Collisum, Snap etc on the consoles. Seems a bit short sighted in my view.
  9. I've often stated that it's time that they do a big off game with all the areas involved. This would probably fit the bill if they did this, because it would potentially be rather too big for the 3DS. That would be pretty impressive.
  10. Well, just the opening to the suite to be released. In general when I saw the 2nd list of tracks released on the site I wasn't as excited at the list compared to the 1st, but regardless they're all still great tunes, and this is one of the stand outs.
  11. Three tracks to go pretty much... shiny. So much eager...
  12. So... why should I care? I mean, the anime show sucked balls after the original arc... Pretty much like the games over time I guess. I must be ill, still gunna play X when it comes out. As long as I don't turn back to WoWcrack it's good I suppose.
  13. Fureddi

    Diablo III

    Pretty much what I was getting at in my original post. I loved the story in 2 and 2x, not so much for 3 but it has room to work with.
  14. Fureddi

    Diablo III

    Gameplay wise, particularly as the maps were very linear in design compared to the random seed generated ones in D2(X) did ware out D3 quicker than it should, but, that seems to be Blizzard's mantra now, look at how WoW is... I do like things such as Paragon Levels and such, and the BMAH is a novel idea (I've made like £15 off it from one random item) but overly I'd like to see at least lore wise what the Xpac brings to the party. And what happened to Diablo after (s)he fell off the top of Heaven.
  15. Fureddi

    Diablo III

    So then, a friend showed me summat from MMO Champ this morning regarding an offical name for the D3 expac due out... whenever... "Diablo 3: Reaper Of Souls." Now that left a few questions in my head, but also more questions popped up when the tag line from the picture below that. Left a fair few possibilities in my mind. http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/3341-Diablo-3-s-next-expansion-is-named-Reaper-of-Souls The tagline reads "Death, at last, shall spread it's wings all over." Now that's pretty obvious when you think about it, seeming talking about Death, but the fact it's taken from the book of Tyreal intrigues me. And where does that leave Diablo? I personally do not believe that we've seen the last of the big guy(gal) but wouldn't Death supersede Diablo as the big bad? I'm wonder if anyone gives a toss in a way anyway, as Diablo IIIs shelf life was perhaps a bit limited compared to the older ones and people may not even care about an xpac, but anyway would be nice to see peoples PoVs.
  16. Mega Evos... obviously stealing the old temporary evolutions shit from the Digimon cartoon... can't say I'm overally hyped for this game compared to others at all... Still got a copy on preorder from Game, so I'll end up playing it until my eyes bleed just to beat the missus...
  17. Lol... this is funny considering the bullshit Dave Cam is trying to pull having porn blocked automatically here...
  18. It's been my opinion for a while that they probably already do this anyway... I mean look at the whole British-US intel shit that came out recently. That's probably been going on for years. More transparency does not mean you're morally right governments.... like you guys give a fuck.
  19. I was listening to this before I went to bed yesterday, (Snapple's link) and it seems pretty tight to me, although I know some people prefer FLACs to MP3s (I don't, despite the better audio quality in general it doesn't justify 3-20x the space on my HDD in my eyes). Unless Norg, Fin or Zircon have an uncut flac I think this covers both angles. Good work guys )
  20. Some idiot actually crossed DC with DB... [insert Farnsworth Jpg I can't be bothered to find here.]
  21. Exactly why I serious have a case of "fuck no" with this idea. Superman (and Captain America) suck major imo.
  22. Agreed, I thought this worked quite well and I just run stuff standard, no 5.1 with loads of gadgets or nunthing.
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