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  1. Some contrite XP system that really has no bearing on anything apart from a laugh, in essence.
  2. It's the same throughout, having to listened to this suite a few times recently. I believe the same happens between 3 and 4.
  3. Seeing as I object to Superman (and Captain America) in every form... yeah this can do one. Shame I like Batman.
  4. Shame that my payday isn't until Thursday and I just borrowed £100 to spend on bits at the War and Peace Revival... Priorities, priorities...
  5. Am sensing that is also why the InMe album I had was like that... tho that may have actually been my mistake as I had no internet when I ripped the album and misspelt "Guardian" before I uplodaded... :S Anyway, that all aside, nice work on your track, I do enjoy your work non-album or album WillRock
  6. Maybe it's your copy, my tagging from looking at the properties has it fine... then again last.fm could be pulling the wool over my eyes and autocorrecting like it does with one of my InMe tracks which is spelt wrong on last.fm =/
  7. This. Be nice to see what else was made that *could* of been used.
  8. And here's me with just Fallout NV with all the add-ons (despite owning NV on ps3 already)... I spend money on random crap outside of gaming far to easily...
  9. Without having my Pen Drive with my copy of balance and ruin with me I can't check in full detail but it looks fine to me, unless someone else beats me to it (as I'm not going to be at my computer till Saturday night at the earliest,) I'll investigate fuller when I get home.
  10. I marked July 17 2017 for something similar... This can be arranged...
  11. I was saying to Brush last night that I dunno why a game like FM has trading cards, but none the less fair enough, I'll probably trade any I get away from FM2014 because it's too late in the season for me to bother with 2013.
  12. A FF Mega-Mix album akin to The Black Mages would blow me away idea wise.
  13. These three have so much potential, not just based on the tracks but also (in kate and Poolside I refer) but artist potential. I adore "The Rose General" by katethegreat19, and "Shine Tonight" by Poolside so to see these two working on FF9 stuff is great. Melodies of Life sends a shiver down my spine so I look to that with baited breath. But overall, yes, the bar from 6 is now set ultra high, but I've seen the improvement growing in OCR albums since DKC2 (which was great despite never playing it), with Speed of Sound and so on. </tangent>
  14. My PSP mem card and my iPad save look completely the same... I still have the same friends... wow. How'd I manage that?
  15. Hmm. Looking at the list of themes you couldn't be helped but think it was more of a Sonic mash-up in general. Would help if I played Colours, but I digress. It's smooth and seemly, a nice little listen to relax too with a bottle of Magners and watching some Cricket... yeah that's my summer wrapped it if it wasn't for work
  16. This is my take but from a "consumer" point of view. I'm not hassled or pushed into getting every track, or every album so I pick and choose the tracks from games I know (I get every album because I like discographies ) In terms of "marketablity" and such, the only purefire way to drive up numbers would be to start releasing stuff for commerical radio (imo some of the stuff here is 10x better than the trash on BBC Radio 1 etc) but, OCR is very niche and that's the problem. Niche doesn't sell (or attract) anyone those outside the niche. I looks as tho it's a bit of a catch-22. But hey, you got me hooked for 8 years that can't be bad seeing as I listen to mostly prog right?
  17. I wouldn't go that far (says the diehard Coheed/InMe fan who god worships the lead singers), but for what is tries to be its pretty awesome.
  18. Hmm... I stand corrected on both counts. Maybe I need to find more sunlight
  19. Hmm.. Well I've pretty hardcore, having been around since 2005... Just didn't donate to the kickstarter, I was out of work when it started and got pulled due to SEs little profit panic when I was in work
  20. Is it a jRPG again tho? It's the same guys from FF and I never considered them to be jRPGs mainly as the old(er) ones had some awesome story
  21. I see what you are saying... based on this I wouldn't still class M-RPG as a jRPG because it's Mario... without sounding like a clueless jerk, need I say more? But for a proper reason, Mario isn't a shining example of this anyway. There's no real tension or comedy in the game anyway, he just ambles along mindlessly getting coins and rescuing princesses.
  22. I wouldn't use this as a point, because, us British have some fairly irreverent styles of comedy, and don't get me started on American adult cartoon shows. I played Mario RPG on an Emulator once upon a moon, and to be fair, it is quite different from what I had played at the time, but, I don't think it quite is a true "JRPG", it doesn't strike me such compared to say, Disgaea, or some other game I once had on PSP but I can't remember the damned name of...
  23. To me, such a dignified and well thought out response to a bit of unfortunate "trolling" for lack of a better phrase makes you seem serious. Therefore I'm sure summat will come around, there are some exceptional talent around here. I understand your comment about budget and economy mate, I really do. Maybe an extra £50-100 might entice someone if it can be spared but I'm sure people will understand if not. Me? I'm not skilled in production at all, so I can't say I'm tempted. But still, as before, good luck.
  24. It has the feel of a theme to a massive tv adaption, a la the intro to HBO's Game of Thrones. It's pretty damn amazing
  25. What is good (and bad) about other forms of Social Network is this exact thing, you don't have to sign up to give your views. I sent a few tweets on the first few days lavishing my praise for B&R before I came plodding onto the forums. Equally there are probably a few who have been doing the opposite (i.e., using Twitter to flame B&R) and because they don't need to sign up to here they can use Facebook/Twitter etc to their vitriolic heart's content... sadly. Side note, back to thoughts on the content of the album, I've just listened to the Omen set again. What a fantastic piece of work by Snapple, norg and Captain Finnbeard. As a fan of Prog Rock this certainly reminds me of some of the classic tracks from there in it's structure and, despite not using a media player that allows gapless playback right now (Am using VLC at work as that's all my laptop has got apart from WMP), it effortlessly seems together. I will pass this on to the station I used to DJ (and play other OCR tracks on) to see what they think, am sure they'll like it too
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