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  1. Pretty good electonica mix there. Fast-paced w/o sounding chaotic . . . everyone who had a hand in this deserves all the praise they get.
  2. Very good and funny work. Instant classic indeed.
  3. Perfect arrangement. You captured the feeling of tension and battle very well. Easily one for my playlist.
  4. I'm agreeing with djpretzel; I do not see how your YT subscribers see THIS as porn music. This remix is nice and funky; it surly got my booty moving before long! I knew that this was going into my library before I finished listening to it--something I don't do often. Keep up the good work.
  5. I am speechless and literally almost to tears. This is an amazing arrangement. A welcome addition to my folder indeed. ... THIS WAS ONLY YOUR FIRST REMIX?! How are you ever going to top it?! Well, keep up the good work...and your soul!
  6. The brass line in the beginning reminded me a bit of Daft Drafts, but then it really goes into its own. A nice jazzy piece that I do not regret having downloaded. Good work, Joshua, and keep it up! My only gripe--and a minor one at that--is that in the keyboard solo that starts at 1:54, parts of it sound like the keyboardist's fingers slipped onto the wrong keys in his attempts to fill the space.
  7. I expect nothing less from the guy who remixed was able to remix MM6's FlameMan music! (If anyone is reading this and doesn't have "Flaming Desert Sand", I highly recommend that you download it from vurez.com.) I can see it now: Mario somewhere in the desert: "I cannot-a believe-a that such-a hot-a place-a exists on the planet-a Earth-a!"
  8. Amazing mix. A "rare respite" indeed. I was really stunned by the addition of Chopin's Waltz in A-flat major near the end. This is a wonderful acoustical masterpiece.
  9. Good work. Truly a moving piece. You got me aiming for the "Download" button before I finished listening to the entire preview. That is high praise from me!
  10. This is a very good remix. Truly something that Kefka, in his egotism, would think he is worthy of. However, I have taken Latin in college, and I have a few comments about the lyrics. The first comment, I will admit, is a bit nit-picky. "Lacrimosa" is translated as "mournful tear." However, lacrimosa is an adjective; it simply means "mournful" or "tearful." You'd need two words to get "mournful tear." "Lacrima lacrimosa" would do the trick (and it's alliterative, too). The second however, is an actual question. The third line reads in Latin: "Tu suscipe pro animabus illis".
  11. This is a very good mix, and I even liked that Yoshi digression. Solid from beginning to end. You got me clicking that "download" link before the song ended--high praise from me! Keep up the good work!
  12. Is the time signature on this piece really 10/8? Sounds more like 5/4 to me. (A time signature ending in 8 usually denotes sets of triplets in each measure (hence the multiple of 3 in the top, e.g. 6/8, 9/8, 12/8).) Either way, very nice work using an unconventional time signature that isn't your usual 1- ,2- ,3- , or 4-beat measure. You pulled it off flawlessly. I doubt that I will ever stop liking to listen to this piece of orchestral genius. (BTW, where is the nod to "Destati"? Either it's really subtle, or I haven't been paying enough attention.)
  13. Nice arrangement! I am a sucker for classical music, and I downloaded it before the song was over—high praise from me. One problem: the ending was not worthy of this piece. The first time I was listening, I had no idea that the song had ended until seconds later. A boisterous piece like that shouldn't end on a whimper. Other than that, a well-executed piece. Keep up the good work.
  14. Very good arrangement. I cannot complain: if Wily were in SSBB, I would like this to be the music. However, as aforesaid, it could have done with a variation on the main melody itself: Keep the chord progressions and build a melody on it.
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