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  1. I found this music track of a ripped Castlevania's "Vampire Killer" with rap added to a couple of flash movies and videos. I'd like to know what the source track of this song is called and where I could find it. Link to crap YouTube video: It's a pretty hillarious remix and I'd like to know where I could get the track by itself. Anyone know? P.S.: I've googled for a good hour or two.
  2. Yeah, but its a "Remix" really, a tribute. I can't think of another track on OCR that has vocal lyrics to it except Game Over's "Little Mac's Confession" which is done by a real band. And there aren't any lyrics to Mega Man 3's, so I agree with DJ Pretzel's comment on how it takes balls to do something like this. Blue Reflection is different... no... It sticks out. I fall for good sax and slow music.
  3. Mr Dream from punch-out. He's nuts. And Slash Man of Mega Man 7 is a controller thrower for me.
  4. Jive, this is fucking awesome. Dum-dum, wudaludum, dum-de-dum-d'dum. I've hummed this all damn day...
  5. Awriight~! Awesome remix for an awesome song. I like this a lot... What more can I say? This is sick.
  6. My jaw is dropping and I am drooling. This is one of the sickest remixes I've heard. I love this mix! And the lyrics rock because I've fought Mr. Dream before and that bitch is a tough cookie. Awesome, I checked out Game Over's site too, and they got some good stuff.
  7. Solidus Snake in the Harrier, MGS2:SoL. I got some good strategy but its hard to keep up. I think my game save puts me in the fight with 1 ration. Hell.
  8. I think I've overlooked this song while playing the game a lot of times. This remix is great, and does the original justice. A must have in my mind.
  9. I thought it was great guitar interpretation. Then the phone thing would've suprised me if it wasn't mentioned in the summary. When I actually heard it, I thought "That's bad ass! I'm totally geting a cell phone now." ...It does it good because unlike the original track this is done purely in guitar. The phone gives you something more to listen to, though maybe anything other instrument than a phone could be better. But what the hell do I know
  10. I loved the intro, it leads you up to an "oh shit" moment when the original song begins. I could listen to it forever, its definantly on my gamermix playlist.
  11. Just awesome. Just the mix I wanted to hear from this game was Spark Mandrill's theme, and to stir it with Storm Eagle's stage and one other was really great. Ranking high on my list.
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