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  1. We really did. I was actually watching the game, and it felt like someone stabbed me in the heart. GM gave Galarraga a red corvette today, so I'm sure that eases the pain a little :]

  2. I just found my glasses so I can read the internet again!!


  3. And my heart has been cut open again. I definitely noticed they lost.

    btw, I just asked my dad to give me the tickets for the first Red Wings vs. Blackhawks game at the Joe next season. I like your team. Chicago is rumored to be one of Heatley's choices for the trade. Original Six, something something.

  4. Oh my gawsh, there's another hockey fan on here? Awesome, just awesome. I feel so alone.

    Anyway, yes, I will be glued to the tv for game 7 this Friday. I would be going if my dad hadn't sold all of his playoff tickets...lame...but oh well. It is going to be the most intense Stanley Cup Finals showdown the NHL has seen in a long time. I can't wait!

    Go Wings!

  5. Hi. Ten characters?

  6. Hey Archaon, I think you might like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Movin%27_Out_(musical)
  7. hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

    I quit; being annoying is exhausting.

  8. I'm being lame, =[ but I'll make it a point to join the fun very soon, just for you.

  9. I just googled my username for ocr since I'm all about me all the time. I like how my sig is the first image result displayed. Then a bunch of other ocr sigs come up about two pages in...boo, it's my username, why are you guys there? Lame. Get out of my search results.
  10. I use aliases so people can't find my aliases.
  11. Nothing to see here...move along.

  12. We must be the only people with taste. And maybe SLyGeN. Maybe.
  13. I like Guitar Hero because it's fun to play with friends, and you don't have to pay close attention to understand what's going on or how to play the game. It's a refreshing break from some of the more serious rpgs. As for sports games and Cooking Mama, people like different things and the game market is capitalizing on it. Not everyone wants to be a superbad assassin or stuck in the middle of a zombie town. Some people would rather cook, and that's fine. I, for one, think Halo is a terrible game, and I refuse to play it again. Fortunately, there are other games out there I enjoy playing, and I'm not limited to one or two genres of video games.
  14. Hahaha, good answer.

  15. Yes! The arch is pretty cool, too. I think everyone would get a kick out of the little elevator space pods.
  16. The train station is quite marvelous.
  17. Hahhahahha.

    Ok, you are the king.

  18. Haha, that video was awesomely entertaining. Thank you.
  19. I actually liked doing the actual experiments...it was just all the written work. Talk about procrastination ;]

  20. Oooh..ughhh l do not enjoy lab reports. I'm sorry ducky. I remember by labs from organic chemistry. Painful.

  21. And what are you doing up at 4 in the morning?!?!

    Do you have finals too? I'm so sick of studying...

  22. The downhill dragster is the best ride I've ever been on. I don't care if it's only 17 seconds long. I also don't care about the drop. The acceleration is sex. 120 mph in less than 4 seconds.
  23. Chicago sounds like the best place to me. It has the most to do, and I could take a train
  24. I would definitely attend an Ann Arbor meetup Afraid of a few wolverines??
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