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  1. We really did. I was actually watching the game, and it felt like someone stabbed me in the heart. GM gave Galarraga a red corvette today, so I'm sure that eases the pain a little :]

  2. I just found my glasses so I can read the internet again!!


  3. And my heart has been cut open again. I definitely noticed they lost.

    btw, I just asked my dad to give me the tickets for the first Red Wings vs. Blackhawks game at the Joe next season. I like your team. Chicago is rumored to be one of Heatley's choices for the trade. Original Six, something something.

  4. Oh my gawsh, there's another hockey fan on here? Awesome, just awesome. I feel so alone.

    Anyway, yes, I will be glued to the tv for game 7 this Friday. I would be going if my dad hadn't sold all of his playoff tickets...lame...but oh well. It is going to be the most intense Stanley Cup Finals showdown the NHL has seen in a long time. I can't wait!

    Go Wings!

  5. Hi. Ten characters?

  6. hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

    I quit; being annoying is exhausting.

  7. I'm being lame, =[ but I'll make it a point to join the fun very soon, just for you.

  8. Nothing to see here...move along.

  9. Hahaha, good answer.

  10. Hahhahahha.

    Ok, you are the king.

  11. I actually liked doing the actual experiments...it was just all the written work. Talk about procrastination ;]

  12. Oooh..ughhh l do not enjoy lab reports. I'm sorry ducky. I remember by labs from organic chemistry. Painful.

  13. And what are you doing up at 4 in the morning?!?!

    Do you have finals too? I'm so sick of studying...

  14. Not tonight dude. It's too late here, and I'm sleepy.

  15. You have done well, my friend. Rewards wait for you on the other side. Aaand so does a super badass party -- which I'm pleased to be coordinating. I just sent out a sign up sheet for snacks.

  16. No, but my brother goes to U of M, so you can still hate me a little.

  17. Whatchoo know 'bout A2?

  18. Ok, I ended up just doing the sig myself. I wanted something really specific so I figured it'd be best if I did it. Thank you very much though :3

  19. I'm looking for a pic right now =] I have one I'm 95% sure on. I'll post it in the thread when I decide for sure.

  20. Artesu

    Dude, you had two posts at exactly 12:00 .....strange..... 0.o

  21. Just for official officialness....


  22. Artesu

    Hells yes =]

  23. Artesu

    Thank you!! I had a blast :D

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