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  1. *waves* In all seriousness, I expect my new computer to arrive around June 6. For some reason, laptops tend to die after I own them for ~2 years. Which is why I got a 3 year warranty this time.
  2. I desperately wanted the Spy to be a Dead Ringer and backstab the Sniper as he taunted, but then I realized that was impossible since there's a several second delay between swinging the knife and pulling up any watch. The fact that I realized this is somewhat disturbing.
  3. Valve be trollin'. Again. For my part I have two Samur-Eyes, plus that godforsaken Dr. Seuss hat.
  4. Moondoggy. I actually ran into him once way back when I was first starting out TF2, got stairstabbed. Seeing him on OCR was kind of a blast from the past. He's really good at trick stabs, which would explain how he does so well against paranoia. Unrelated: Post count says I'm Chrono. Coming back from the dead is in character now.
  5. What, my videos don't count? They're all from OCR except like 2 or 3 clips from my latest one.
  6. I think Doublecross is my favorite CTF map, even though I'm not terribly fond of the mode itself for various reasons. If anything else it seems to be Valve's attempt at "2Fort done right," especially since early development sketches made explicit comparisons to 2Fort's player flow. I think the biggest improvement is the dropdown into the sewer near the intelligence, which offers an easy way out of the base without having to fight past spawn again. (Come to think of it, there are a lot of shortcuts that involve dropping from a height you can't get back up. Food for thought.) Well once I finish Launchpad I'll get on that. (Too bad I operate on Valve Time's older brother, apparently.)
  7. Haven't been on ctf_sawmill in forever so I can't comment on that with any semblance of authority. Fits the "get to the intel without fighting past enemy spawn" though.
  8. Well, that too. But it's the fundamental map design. On the one hand, Turbine is arguably the most well balanced CTF map in TF2, mostly because it's unnecessary to fight past the enemy spawn room to get to the intelligence. On the other hand, there's absolutely no cover anywhere except in the middle room. It's a giant 512 unit wide hallway the entire way around. It reeks of poor map design, and I'm convinced that the only reason the left hallway bends the way it does is for map optimization reasons. Also, I don't think the visuals also aren't up to par with any other map in the game, but that's secondary, not to mention subjective. tl;dr boring map layout
  9. Oh, do not get me started on Turbine. Hate it even more than 2Fort, Junction, Hoodoo...
  10. So, uh, what about Admins who happen to play Spy a lot? <.< And you forgot binding "/slap Necro" to some key.
  11. Powerlord, does the server run on Linux? Apparently there's a Linux-exclusive bug where the replay uploading happens on the main thread. Other people have reported similar issues with enabling replays and immediately experiencing horrible lag, so this may be the cause.
  12. Whatever cvars they use, I'd be willing to bet they're disabled by default. Because that makes sense. (Not.)
  13. Also, the default keybind to record a replay is F6. FYI. EDIT: They also need to be enabled serverside, apparently.
  14. The last page of the comic seems to imply that Meet the Medic will be released at the same time the Saxxy Awards are announced. Needless to say I am excited.
  15. This reminds me, it seems that crits turn themselves on and off on a per-map basis, if backstabs are any indication. Sometimes I'll get the full animation, other times just simple pokes, and it never changes midway through a map. I don't know how you have the configs set up, but does this sound remotely possible?
  16. Because dying to a crit rocket/shotgun/sticky/revolver/melee/etc. for no good reason got really old really fast? (This is probably stating the obvious, but controlled crits like the Kritzkrieg, headshots, etc. are still enabled.)
  17. It looks strange, but it doesn't change the functionality at all.
  18. So I found showcasing some mod that automagically neuters aimbotters, speedhackers, etc. by making them do 0 damage and instagibbing the moment they take any damage themselves. Someone tell me I'm not alone in finding this an immense source of shadenfreude.(Then again, the video was uploaded several years ago, so it's probably old.)
  19. I suspect that finals will render the server more empty than usual in the next week or so. At least my own finals take place in the upcoming week. Dunno about you guys. On the bright side, only 3 of my classes actually have finals. Yay.
  20. Oh pleasepleaseplease let this get added to TF2 proper posthaste. Yep. 8 second Kritzkrieg + suicide keybind = 16 second crit rampage. A Valve employee said this'll be fixed. And that the whole concept will be getting significant revision due to the overwhelming negative response.
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