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  1. Awkward Zombie has you covered. On topic, I've got Black and picked Snivy for my starter. Currently working my way towards the second gym and have Snivy, Panpour, Munna, and Drillbur. Plus a cat and a terrier that I'm not using.
  2. It's been brought up ingame that even though the vote keys start at 4, it still disables 1-3. I've been on servers that seem to time the plugin to start a vote only when a round ends, which doesn't exactly fix the issue but does make it nearly invisible. Should this be looked into? <3
  3. It did (does?) but I haven't updated it in ages. I will once I get Stage 3 up. So...about a year? (Terribly slow mapper, right here.)
  4. I feel the need to thank those of you who have trudged through what I still feel is a trainwreck of a map not once, not twice, but three times. (Bark assures me it is not, in fact, a trainwreck, but I'm my own worst critic.) While the last week and a half has been incredibly hectic for me, I managed to squeeze in the time to work on Stage 2 enough to be comfortable with publishing it. Even then, I will freely admit that I cut corners where I felt they were unnecessary and didn't affect actual gameplay. Mostly the lack of proper roofs and the fairly obvious and abundant texture fighting wherever two brush faces share an edge. (Dropbox Link) For those of you who like pictures, I present for your viewing pleasure: Point 1A Point 1B Point 2A Point 2B Copypasta of the changelog: -Added a fuckton of rock models to point 1A to break up the squareness. -Also displaced a bunch of terrain and added a new building near BLU spawn. -Shrunk the balcony over the death pit. -Changed the garage layout between 1A and 1B. -Extended the high ground at point 1B. -Gave RED an extra spawn exit for Stage 1 that leads to the basement of point 1B. -This exit is not useable by BLU during Stage 2. -Changed several health and ammo amounts and locations. -Added Stage 2.
  5. <3 You'll be pleased to know that the next release will feature a fully displaced plateau for point A. (Cliff walls are still out of luck.) And, you know, an actual stage 2 and everything. I do have an alternative spawn exit for RED in mind that hopefully won't give them an absurd advantage.
  6. It was brought to my attention that someone decided to nominate Launchpad the other night for reasons beyond my comprehension, and that the vote actually passed, also for reasons beyond my comprehension. Needless to say, any feedback would be helpful. I've already heard that it's a bit too easy for BLU to spawncamp RED as they move in to take the second point, but any further comments would be welcome. (I'm especially worried about the sheer size of the map.)
  7. There was always a death drop there, it was just fenced off by convenient geometry. Is there less walkable space now? EDIT: Unless I'm thinking of the wrong spot.
  8. I've never heard of Lakeside. Anyone happen to know what it's like?
  9. I actually read that, or rather I started to read it and switched to skimming it roughly a quarter of the way through, and I still can't figure out what the author is trying to say. Hats are a way for us to express individuality in an otherwise impersonal FPS, leading to advanced player interaction?
  10. This came up more than once tonight, so I'll post it here: What do people think about making one or both of the servers nocrit?
  11. It came up for nomination again just now, but cp_obscure won the vote. And yeah, Swiftwater was hella fun.
  12. Clearly the solution is judicious use of headshots and backstabs.
  13. I'm intrigued by the Thunder Mountain changes. Come to think of it, I'm not sure if the final stage is biased towards RED or BLU. I've seen both sides win handily there.
  14. Actually, I heard that the Quick Fix doesn't boost the Medic to charge speed. Which is really quite a shame. Making the beam elastic as seen would be so much fun.
  15. Now they just need to lag-compensate it...
  16. I'm told that due to how melee attacks are treated ingame, they also count towards the Attendant's bullet vulnerability. This stacks with the Powerjack's new melee vulnerability. WTF Valve. (Caber really needs nocrit, Southern Hospitality works either way I guess, Demoknight weapons shouldn't lose attack power for obvious reasons. The Powerjack's all over the place now.)
  17. http://kagami.fireslash.net/demos/ They're sorted oldest to newest IIRC. This should probably be added to the OP if it isn't already.
  18. To be more specific, the afterburn from the Sharpened Volcano Fragment didn't go away ever except by death or resupply cabinet. Or so I heard.
  19. I agree that properly shaming trolls produces wonderful feelings of schadenfreude. However, I am honestly unsure of the point where trolls stop being amusing and start being annoying to the detriment of the server experience. Is it when someone complains? Just don't feed them? I'm still kind of uncomfortable with throwing the banhammer around without a really good reason. <.<; Firefox recognizes schadenfreude as a word. This makes me happy.
  20. Quite sure. My collection of 11 crates and counting is a testament to my keylessness.
  21. I managed to miss out on the Stocking Stuffer Key by not running TF2 at all between the time it was first announced and when they were converted to regular keys. Which I guess is to be expected, but it was still a bit surprising.
  22. Ninja'd. Oh well. Also see my own edit.
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