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    Portal 2

    Something tells me that Rule 34 is way ahead of you on that one.
  2. My gameplay time has been irregular lately. Got a metric assload of projects and papers to do. Then finals.
  3. ParanoidDrone

    Portal 2

    Speaking of which, I enjoyed co-op's puzzles much more than single player. There's probably several reasons for this, some of which are certainly subjective, but having 4 portals to work with in distinct pairs is really unique. The very last puzzle requires a particular logical leap that's used nowhere else in the game as far as I know. On an unrelated note, does anyone know why the Pneumatic Diversity Vents weren't included in the final product? The trailer featuring them was hilarious. All I can think of is that its only real application seemed to be clearing a room full of turrets.
  4. ParanoidDrone

    Portal 2

    I finished single player last night and just completed co-op. Overall I think it was an amazing experience. The single player plot was enjoyable, with twists of varying predictability. GLaDOS is comic gold as always. My one real gripe with the game is how you're forced several times to hunt down sections of wall that can hold a portal in order to move on. In context it makes sense, but I feel it detracted from being creative with portal placement, which was a major reason I enjoyed Portal 1. It was frustrating to spend more time looking for a valid portal surface than actually progressing once I did. The new puzzle elements add several layers of mindfuck to the equation. I'm really excited to see what custom map makers will come up with if/when the relevant tools get released.
  5. Roughly half the changes are fixing crashes of some sort. I find this amusing.
  6. I knew it translated to Claymore, but I was unaware that's how it was pronounced. I'll probably continue to refer to it as unspellable though.
  7. Googly Gazer's a robot eye for the Engineer. You're thinking of A Sight For Sore Eyes. Agreed. I don't like the idea of the Caber being able to randomly crit, even with a -25% damage nerf. I don't think the Eyelander and variants needed it either, given that it's the base melee of the Demoknight subclass and grants an on-kill bonus. And that unpronounceable sword is even more worthless than before, if such a thing is possible. I can think of a few changes to the Sleeper that would turn it into a valid long range support weapon, but I still fail to see the point of what amounts to a bodyshot Sniper rifle. Meh.
  8. The other map that ends immediately is cp_gorge, I think. I don't recall Thunder Mountain ever ending abruptly.
  9. A reclaimed each, I think. That's what Necro gave me for mine.
  10. Depends on the game and how you define 100%. DK64 I got every Banana Medal, but didn't bother collecting all the bananas. (IIRC you only needed 75/100 for each.) Mass Effect, where most sidequests are "Land on planet, clear out prefab building of baddies, collect monetary/exp reward, survey minerals and wreckage, repeat" I didn't bother trying to do everything.
  11. The Tinfoil Hat Squad noted that the .ain files for bot navigation have been updated for the original six maps - 2Fort, Dustbowl, Gravelpit, Granary, Well, and Hydro. Thus the prevailing theory is that bots have something to do with whatever shenanigans Valve is pulling. Honestly, I'm expecting something big. Between pl_barnyardblitz, Meet the Medic, and rumors that Valve's had a major update ready to go for a while now before they went on a collective vacation, plus Portal 2 around the corner, it seems they want to hype something up. (Other than Portal 2 itself, they're doing a fine job of that already.)
  12. This, and apparently the Eeveeloutions gained via this game are all male. So it's just the one you picked. (Can't remember if I read that here or somewhere else.)
  13. That new mod sounds spiffy. It's been a while since I've pimped my videos here, but my latest creation features a surprising number of OCR regulars. Off the top of my head, Necro, Frogg, Bark, and Brushfire all show up in the first half.
  14. The physics in that game can go eat a bowl of dicks. I swear whoever programmed the bounce against the platform made it pick a random number for the rebound angle instead of using actual math. Anyway, I chose Espeon once I finally made it through all stages. Although mine worked fine, I've heard frequent reports of the game failing to save your choice properly, requiring you to play again to get a second/third/etc. chance.
  15. I'm not sure how PLR counts its rounds. On the one hand it only increments the score at the end of the final stage. On the other, it will trigger a mapchange between stages if the time is low enough. (Although if we're switching to purely number of rounds it becomes a moot point. Also I think the mapchange thing is set by the mapmaker himself, i.e. not intrinsic to the game mode.) Setting the vote to start at 1 round remaining sounds like a lovely idea. EDIT: To cover the gap between future map releases and whipping up a proper config for them, I don't suppose there's any support for a default config? As in, "mapname.cfg not found, defaulting to default.cfg"? Or otherwise making sure the server doesn't go WHARGARBL when a map comes up that's not found in its config listing.
  16. I would support this, especially for asymmetrical maps where there can still be time for a third round or not enough time for a second. (Although the latter case is a) rare and arguably favorable if it's been dragging on that long.) While I'm thinking about it, another server I go to sometimes (critsandvich) has a mapvote plugin that seems to only start the vote after a round has ended. Do you have any idea how that could work?
  17. ParanoidDrone

    Portal 2

    IIRC, they said it wouldn't tie into the Half Life plot. Co-op is supposed to be just as long as singleplayer, and both are supposed to be longer than Portal. No idea about an endgame song. Initial sketches showed Chell in another jumpsuit, but this image shows her being a lot more fanservicey. Not sure which one is going to be in the final product.
  18. ParanoidDrone

    Portal 2

    So I've decided that I'm not going to get any schoolwork done the day this comes out, maybe even the day or two after. This is helped by the fact that it's slated to come out during my spring break. (inb4 Valve Time?)
  19. The Gen IV Battle Frontier pulled from a premade database, choosing higher tier Pokemon as you got longer winning streaks. These Pokemon did have EVs, in addition to non-neutral natures. I can't remember if the EVs were always in a 255/255 spread or if they got more creative, but I'm certain Smogon has the data somewhere. I'm inclined to believe the Battle Subway is the same. If this is the case, it's only a matter of time before someone hacks the game and pulls the data if it hasn't been done already. Once that happens, you can consult it yourself and see if there are any Jolly 255 Speed Sand Rush Excadrills you need to worry about.
  20. Yes. It's amusing to a certain extent though.
  21. So I found this little gem on the Steam forums:
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