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  1. Christ, it's like the Portal update all over again. Well, this should be fun to watch.
  2. Please tell me stage 3 is no longer covered in dev textures. Please.
  3. In all seriousness though, I'd prefer if we kept the server more or less vanilla.
  4. I'll keep this in mind for when I eventually decide to do a full blown cinematic production.
  5. I found an addon that automatically records a demo whenever I play, so until I start getting really ambitious and feel like making something more than a simple frag video I think I'm good. Brushfire, what's going on for two weeks? Screw Attack is only one weekend.
  6. tl;dr weighted companion spectators don't take up slots? Sounds fine to me.
  7. Yes, it's another video. I swear, the rendering and upload process absolutely BUTCHERS the quality. It looked so much shiner in the editor. Sadface. (Was the music too obvious?)
  8. Switching back to the stock plugin. Not using the mapcycle implies continued use of the nextmap vote. Um...
  9. Random question: Is there a reason the map cycle always starts with Viaduct?
  10. Right click TF2 in Steam -> Settings -> Launch Options, "-window -noborder -width xxx -height yyy" where xxx and yyy are your horizontal and vertical resolution. Just as good as fullscreen with none of the issues that arise from alt-tabbing around, or whatever the Mac equivalent is. Although from the look of it you already did this. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee~
  11. I would have guessed Medic was the fast track to points, not Engineer. Still doubtful that we can overtake Frogg though. He's beating second place by 30,000 points iirc. Too lazy to check atm.
  12. Unfortunately I'm not aware of any points-per-day tracking in the stats.
  13. Last month alone, Frogg made 6,000 kills. In the same time frame, 43,000 Engineers were able to make 110,000 kills. Of those Engineers, the highest kill count belongs to Gamemaster, with 300. His K/D is roughly 1, Frogg's is around 4. Please explain how a single Engineer can hope to reach 6,000 kills in 28 days. Going to a different server where Sentries are more than mild annoyances doesn't count because the stats only track the OCR servers.
  14. I'm officially not bothering to sign up for this until we have this figured out. <.<
  15. I think it's the string of numbers on the end of your Steam profile URL. Maybe. Also what's the suggested donation rate? It defaults to $4, but $2 and $6 are also options.
  16. Random question: Where was the old server?
  17. This implies that you guys used to charge for reserve slots at some point but don't anymore? Guess that was before I joined. I'll be on for tonight's and probably tomorrow's. Monday's iffy depending on if I remember and how much work I have to do.EDIT: Pagetopper get!
  18. In other news... The lag is getting intolerable. Also the Pope is Catholic, etc. I know whining on the forums won't do much, but it's pretty much the only issue we have right now. And I don't think we want a lagging server for the Engineer Update.
  19. Quoted for truth. Got smacked with lagspikes at least 3 times in a single Badlands round -- the last one was long enough to drop me for lack of a connection.
  20. Alternately, we could password lock RED and use that for any future shenanigans. Isn't that what it was made for in the first place?
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