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  1. I'd prefer maxrounds 2, personally. It'll probably get better as we grow used to the map, but for now it's probably a good idea.
  2. I'm predicting that the Wrangler's shield will get nerfed, along with maybe an inability for a second Engineer to repair the Sentry while the shield's up. Someone did the math and a Level 3 Sentry needs 6 or 7 Stickies before it'll fall, while wrench hits restore an effective 315 HP. Yes, kill the Engineer instead and take out the Sentry next, but I would not be surprised if the sheer amount of QQ leads Valve to nerf it. Gunslinger's minisentries are laughably weak. They're not even a threat by themselves, which is arguably the point, but still.
  3. FWIW, I support the idea of limiting the number of Engineers until the update hype dies down. It doesn't even need to be 2 or 3, hell 5 would still be acceptable in my book. But when you have 9 Engineers stretching out a single PLR round to over a half hour, something's wrong.
  4. You mean you're not a robot permanently plugged into the server? What madness is this, other than Sparta? (Stop editing while I quote you...)
  5. According to TF2stats, the Southern Hospitality is that WatchMaker guy's wrench, which causes 5 seconds of bleed on hit but can't randomly crit and makes the user take 20% extra fire damage. That's...nonsensical at best, but okay...
  6. Update is live, I'll let FireSlash or Powerlord put up the list of changes. Coldfront is the new community map though. Predictably, the Steam servers are hellabusy. GOD FUCKING DAMMIT ATMUH
  7. Something tells me that the mini sentries can't be upgraded at all, even by vanilla Engineers, hence the visual distinction. Also DAMMIT VALVE UPDATE THE BLOG.
  8. You almost had me. Apropos of nothing, Wrench #100 just dropped. Some guy named DoomSwitch. The Gunslinger: Metal glove, replaces pistol, wait, no, it replaces the wrench, dammit Valve stop editing the update page after it goes up, +25 max HP, 3 punch combo, last hit crits. Allows deployment of Combat Mini Sentries, which cost only 100 metal and build 4x faster with full health, but cannot be upgraded or repaired and deal half damage. Also yet another payload map, Thunder Mountain. Also achievement descriptions are up.
  9. /me facepalms all over this thread. Also I'm finally relenting and installing TF2 on a school computer. (We're awesome like that. Being a senior in the video game concentration rocks, btw.) Which means that while I'll dearly miss my 1920x1200 resolution, at least I'll be assured the ability to play without crashing my laptop. Which is still bitching like a mofo, btw. Also installing 8 gigs worth of TF2 files at 3 megabytes/second ROCKS.
  10. See, I noticed him as the picture was being taken, so it wasn't anything shocking to me.
  11. atmuh, you are officially scaring me with these massive sparkletext messages. (Also I had to go back and lowercase your name.) EDIT: Red Mage rank get?
  12. Are you feeling alright? Baha, I'm going to have to agree that slaying someone under those circumstances is really hard to defend.
  13. I think I love you. Also add me to your friends list if I forget later today or something.
  14. It could be referring to the model, not necessarily the stats. See the community hats and weapons. Although either way not telling us the stats is extremely suspect.
  15. Hightower looks like it'll be a PLR map -- note that there's a RED and BLU cart sign visible in the image.
  16. It could be like Meet the Spy where they just make a funny little story about it without revealing anything incriminating. Hyperbole likely required.
  17. And a Dead Ringer Spy is more or less impervious to Spychecking in the sense that it gets rid of him. Unless you use fire/Jarate/the Shiv.
  18. EVERYTHING I'VE KNOWN IS A LIE. In other news, the Wrangler sounds like it makes the Engineer an easy stab and sap. The Engineer's guaranteed to not watch his back if he's actively aiming the Sentry, and if the disabling effect also happens upon his death the Spy has all the time in the world to sap the Sentry later. Upward looks interesting, especially that switchback thing they have going on with those ramps.
  19. I thought it was just whoever had the most instances of the action in question over the last however long the period is.
  20. I believe this is the part where I poke my head in and say that the only reason I have been unable to defend my awards is because my graphics card has been overheating like a mofo lately. Re: Mapchooser, I can't say it's really affected me, although that's probably because I use the scrollwheel to choose my weapons -- I never use the number keys except for disguises, and there's always lastdisguise for that.
  21. AAH YOU BROKE THE PAGE I want to say it's shopped because the name doesn't appear in the list of people who have found a wrench, but...
  22. About the Frontier Justice... My current theory is that the only crits granted are the bonus crits upon Sentry destruction, with the +2 per kill and +1 per assist being the hard stats that affect how many crits you get. This would create a tradeoff where if you want your crits you can't have a Sentry backing you up at the same time. (Edited for rephrasing.)
  23. Fixed that for you. <.< EDIT: Blog updated, Engineer Update goes live this Thursday. Allegedly, lol Valve Time.
  24. Blog update - "Loose Canon." Also a comic that explores more of the TF2 backstory. No hidden links except to the will from Halloween.
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