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  1. The funny part is that he did switch to RED later on.
  2. According to Steam, he's on BLU right now.
  3. Once I realized you were one of the people in question I pretty much ignored it, so no worries there.
  4. This reminds me, yesterday on Dustbowl I saw no less than 4 nQa avatars on the same team. The weird part was that I'm not sure any of them were actually members (unless you happened to join recently, atmuh). Confusing as hell.
  5. Am I the only one who finds it more fun to try and kill your friends than to work together with them? Friendly rivalries and all that?
  6. This is also known as the main strength of the Ambassador. Like Snipers, only sneakier and minus a scope. Also see a good chunk of the kills I make (This is not to say that some of the victims aren't standing still, but to point out that across-the-map kills are, you know, valid.)
  7. 102 damage tyvm. Which is enough to kill any class except a Heavy in two headshots, but that assumes a bunch of factors such as aim, the target's movement, etc. </nitpick>
  8. I'm going to get mocked for this no doubt, but I can't tell if he's just fast forwarding the video constantly or if he's speedhacking. I'm going to guess the latter since the chat while he's got the intel in Doublecross isn't sped up with it.
  9. Wat. I can imagine hilarity ensuing if they got noclip or something.
  10. The train I can live with, but dear god that harmonica sounds hideous.
  11. I guess it'd be reasonable to nerf the FJ to only get its crits when its destroyed, not self-destructed, but the concept of getting a benefit for losing your Sentry seems to be doing wonders for discouraging turtling and encouraging offensive Engineering, where previously they had to make do with a vanilla shotgun/pistol. Yes, it is stupidly easy to stab-n-sap a Wrangled Sentry. I speak from experience. Powerlord, couldn't you update HLStats midday? No one's ever on the server then. Wait, you probably have that mythical thing called a "job." Never mind.
  12. Am I the only one who thinks the Frontier Justice is fine? None of us are used to an Engineer sans Sentry being an actual threat, but I can't think of a reason it's actually OP.
  13. I seriously have no idea why it would take that long. Neither does anyone else out of the 5 or so people that actually use the lab over the summer. We were told outright that the wax takes an hour to dry. This is probably a really bad place to mention that I suspect most of the time is going to be spent stripping the floor.
  14. Make that all the way through Thursday.
  15. I have a pretty dirty mind sometimes, but I can't find any innuendo there. o_O
  16. So I just had a FUCKING AWESOME round on Frontier involving at least one rage Pyro, but due to circumstances I can't automatically record demos and I didn't think the round would be anything special going in. THANK FUCKING GOD FOR SOURCE TV DEMOS I LOVE WHOEVER HAD THE IDEA. Now I can at least hold onto that. (Can we add a link to the directory they're stored at in the OP?) Carry on. <.<
  17. Which I think says more about the power of normal stickies than anything else, but I'd rather not get into a debate about this. EDIT: Also, I'm not going to be ingame on Monday and possibly Tuesday. Because they're going to be waxing the floor in the computer lab where I play. Of all the reasons...
  18. No, Scottish Resistance stickies being visible through walls is new to the Engineer Update. Conveniently enough it went unnoted in the changelog. I can personally confirm this being one of the 10% of Demomen that actually use the damn thing, apparently. No duh that stickies other than your own won't be outlined.
  19. I'm watching Lale play right now as I work on a research paper and noticed that apparently we have an RTD mod installed. WHAT? Also Lale just rolled and got a 500 HP overheal and someone else is on a timer until they explode. WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. EDIT: Nevermind, talked with Powerlord, it's sorted out now.
  20. I do use 4-X-X to disguise. But it and the PDA gets in the way when I scroll from primary to melee and vice versa.
  21. And following procrastination and a fit of boredom, I whipped up a script that removes the Disguise Kit and PDAs from the scroll wheel selection. It won't reset when you die though, so that'll be an issue unless you set TF2 to remember your weapon between lives.
  22. Spies too, for their disguises. Same answer applies though. And we do have the lastdisguise button.
  23. Once again I need to remind myself that I am in the minority of people who predominately use the scroll wheel to choose weapons, not the number keys. Even so, I don't like the idea of removing RTV, since that would lock out the ability to move away from a bad map without admin intervention. So either leave it as is or go back to the mapcycle if it's getting that bad.
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