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  1. Saw this over the weekend. Loved every minute of it.
  2. So I'm back after nearly a week in Denver. Signed up for the OCR Highlander Team, although it may or may not be too late for that apparently. Can't wait until I get back to college so I can have good computers again. ;_;
  3. Oh god I lol'd at the conversation about the Eternal Reward. No facestabs would actually be a pretty big drawback, although no failstabs would be an equally big perk. That's...pretty scary to think about.
  4. It was a while ago. Right above the L4D Badwater shot. Info link seems to be borked though -- I keep getting a 502 Bad Gateway error, whatever that means. EDIT: And now it's working. IDK.
  5. Granted, but...the Sentry's going to end up destroyed either way.
  6. Can you not destroy the marionettes before the Puppet Master sticks them in the iron maidens anymore? o_O
  7. I lack an XBox, but the concept of a massive Castlevania crossover intrigues me. (I'm not counting Judgement, since the only compliments I've heard about it were about the music.) I'm happy they're giving the Puppet Master some love though. That was a fun boss in Dawn.
  8. Remember kids, this is why you don't do drugs.
  9. I'm more pleased with bleeding being stopped by a health pack now. Didn't before, IIRC.
  10. So it seems that out of the new maps released in the Engineer Update, the only one without some sort of capability for crazy shenanigans is Thunder Mountain. Note to Gamemaster: That is NOT a challenge. <.<
  11. tl;dr Spies give the enemy a reason to worry about defending from within, as opposed to just the front lines?
  12. ... How did this argument go from "There are skills other than pure aim used in TF2" to "Soldier and Demoman are more effective fighters than Spy"? Also I think you got the order backwards concerning the Sentry and Engineer.
  13. Because Spies are renowned for their massive kill streaks. Right. Even backstabbing a single Medic with full Uber pushes back the enemy offensive by at least a minute. A Sentry nest takes a couple of minutes to rebuild if you take one out. Spies are simply the class most able to penetrate enemy defenses in order to take out key targets like that.
  14. Why? I'd rebut this now, but I'd like to know what your argument is first.
  15. It was midnight and I was bored. So sue me. I would hardly say a shotgun requires the pinpoint accuracy of a headshot, but I digress. In fact, you illustrated my point for me: Soldier and Demoman don't require twitch aiming, but they DO require prediction of enemy movement so their non-hitscan weapons can do damage. (Compare to hitscan itself, where every shot is a point and click adventure.) Not the same skill, but still skill. Therefore skills other than pure aiming exist and are rewarded in TF2. Which was my point to begin with. I think. I tend to lose track.
  16. I'm not arguing that they don't require the same kind of aiming Scout, Sniper, etc. do. (I'm not convinced you need precise aiming with Soldier and Demoman unless you have a fetish for airshots, but w/e.) I am arguing that aiming skill is not the only kind of skill that exists. In other news, I just turned 21. Yay?
  17. Point taken, but TF2 was sort of designed to cater to several different skillsets. Claiming that under half the classes (by your count) actually require skill to get better at is sort of missing the point of the class system in the first place imo. Unless you actually want all 9 classes to be homogenized together so that they all require the same basic skillset?
  18. This argument irritates me, because it implies that there is no fundamental difference between a Spy that fails constantly and a Spy that manages to get stuff done consistently. If you can take two Spies and say that one is better than the other, then either the better Spy is absurdly lucky an absurd amount of the time, or it's his/her/its skill that is allowing them to outperform the lesser Spy, in which case Spy does take skill. I will grant that Spy does not require traditional FPS skills such as twitch aiming, but if you want that then play Scout or Sniper.
  19. I'm aware of this, although the update in question happened barely a couple of months after I got my own copy of TF2, so the vast majority of my experience is from post-update. Actually, I've seen some people complain that they didn't like that update because it "took the skill out of cloak management" or somesuch. (None of you guys, btw.) You'd think they'd flock to the C&D since it plays almost exactly the same, except you have the luxury of being invisible while waiting for it to charge.
  20. This sounds like the part where I put in my two cents. The IW is the best overall watch as a consequence of being the Spy's only watch until his update. It's long cloak time and ability to charge with ammo make it ideal for covering long distances while cloaked without slowing down. It's best for a mobile Spy that doesn't like staying in one place for long. The C&D is best when the enemy team is too consistently alert to do anything at your leisure -- camp an area until they let their guard down, do your thing, and get out and hide again. As long as you don't spend more time than necessary on the camping phase it's incredibly easy to get the enemy team riled up this way. The DR shines the most when you're able to get behind the enemy but can't do much before you're killed. Sneak around, do whatever, feign death, redisguise, decloak, get a full charge, repeat. It's by far the most forgiving watch thanks to the 90% damage reduction, but a DR Spy MUST be visible on approach, or else they risk alerting their target with the hideous decloak sound. This can be exploited by shooting suspicious targets -- either they don't have the DR up and they die, or they do and you trigger it, forcing them to retreat and regroup. It's annoying but not deadly unless you get complacent. tl;dr no watch is superior to the others in all ways
  21. Would an FPS config cure a BSOD? (Yes, those again.)
  22. FYI, starting tomorrow I'll be back home for 2-3 weeks, away from these bitchin' school computers (seriously, 5 mb/s rocks) and stuck with my ailing laptop and the family desktop. I may or may not appear on the server during that time. Depends on whether I can get one or the other computer to play nice. I'll still be on the interwebs though.
  23. Because there are more than 2 routes to the intelligence? Because there are more than 2 routes to the enemy base period? Because the map itself is so honeycombed that I cannot honestly imagine a location where a single Sentry can lock down a team without being exposed to a flank? Because it looks pretty? (Wait, you already said that.) Seriously, I had pretty much free reign of the enemy side of the map as a Spy because it's so easy to move around. And I was using the DR, so it wasn't because I was invisible.
  24. ctf_aerospace is officially my favorite CTF map. Let it be known. It really is a shame we don't play it more often imo.
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