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  1. They FINALLY updated Hydro! After nearly 3 years, to boot. Pity it's now of all times... *marks Pipeline and Hydro on his to-play list*
  2. As far as I can tell, daily awards help you get the bronze/silver/gold ribbons. Win a daily award once for bronze, 5 times for silver, 10 for gold. Global awards are just who has the most kills with the weapon/instances of the action at any given time. Syncing the Engineer update with TF2's Mac release makes total sense btw.
  3. The puzzling predicament of my poorly performing laptop was pinpointed to a perturbing problem in the graphics card. I promptly placed it in the care of people whose professional knowledge outperforms my personal experience, and expect it back perhaps by Thursday. Take a look at The falloff is surprisingly sharp now. I don't think walls ever affected sound, though.Also see above regarding my laptop. In other news, it has come to my attention that the global backstab award has been usurped from me. Let it be known that, as soon as I return to playing the game, I shall strike with a vengeance. And possibly fire, depending on just how vengeful I am feeling at the time. CHILI!
  4. Only at point blank. At range, the sound falloff makes it nearly impossible to hear over the usual battle noises. The unique sound is its downfall more than anything. Regarding Frogg, I once managed to backstab him when I poked my head out from behind one of those shacks in Doublecross, hid again, then just walked right back out. He was too busy looking at the other side to notice me. ParanoidDrone: Living vicariously through tales of yore since...about a week ago, actually. (EDIT: Nominating Hollaback Girl for official OCR TF2 theme song? *flees*)
  5. Windows. Well, I wiped the entire drive and installed 7 from scratch, so fingers crossed. If it still doesn't work though, it would seem that it's a pretty major hardware problem. i.e. something I HAVE to bring it to a shop for. Re: Micspams, I don't really have a problem with it as long as it's either a) short or relatively quiet.
  6. TBH I'm fed up with dealing with this and would be quite content to hand it off to some computer repair shop to see what they can do. I'm going to take to Staples, of all places, tomorrow. (They're the same people that I had look at the drivers to make sure I didn't screw them up, and they fixed an older laptop of mine that had seemingly died completely, so it's not totally baseless.) Re: Intensive programs, all I've got are various games (TF2, L4D, Source SDK) and maybe Sony Vegas. Problem at this point is getting the computer past the login screen though. Thank god our house has several computers in it.
  7. My graphics settings are normally high, so I tried that. It crashed the instant I clicked the "Advanced" button under Video Options, followed by a BSOD. I haven't tried since. EDIT: Going to copypasta my more detailed post from the Steam forums in case it helps someone here.
  8. Following Friday's update, my computer seems to be incapable of playing TF2 without crashing and giving me a BSOD. I've tried updating my drivers, a system restore, uninstalling and reinstalling TF2, and getting the whole shebang looked at by a third party. I'm all but certain it's a driver issue, but I cannot think of anything else to try short of reinstalling the OS from scratch. (Which won't be hard, just tedious and annoying as hell.) Needless to say, I will be unavailable ingame for a while. I can still use the other computer in the house for more standard internet browsing though.
  9. For some reason, my initial suspicion was that he's jealous of Watermelon-Kun. o_O
  10. I wanted to be on last night, but either my drivers are fucked up or the latest TF2 update fucked itself up, because I can't play more than a few minutes without either crashing or getting a BSOD. Major sadface. I'm going to try a few things today and hop on again tonight and see if that fixes anything. (The point I'm trying to make is that I'm sorry I wasn't on to deal with these people, but I really couldn't.) May as well post it here: Admins, check the social group. Please?
  11. 8 DPS for 8 seconds = 64 damage. Afterburn is 6 DPS for 10 seconds, or 60 damage. Bleeding does more damage and can't be prematurely stopped.
  12. So the Sniper gets a pseudo-afterburn...that does more damage over less time...and ruins cloak, including the Dead Ringer... (This last tidbit via word of mouth.) FFS, the only new Sniper weapon that ISN'T anti-Spy is the Huntsman.
  13. Oh god are they actually called that? DO WANT. Also, what's the "bleed" effect for the Sniper's new weapon do? Bolded part is relevant. And how much HP did you walk away from that with?
  14. It still eliminates puff-and-sting as a legitimate means of killing someone, so I'm not a fan of that idea.
  15. Then you would have loved me last night on Pipeline. Numbers: The Flamethrower's current damage modifier relative to its original value is 88%, while the Backburner sits at 101%. *shifty eyes* Also you forgot M2 for cloak/feigned deaths.
  16. Then tweak the flamethrower's properties so that it better rewards aim, but don't nerf it so that damage wise it's outright inferior to almost every other weapon in the game.
  17. atmuh, I'm sure you realize this, but currently the Pyro's shotgun outdamages the flamethrower. Hell, the Medic is even stronger now, especially if they choose to break out the Blutsauger. Spies can gun a Pyro down with the Revolver point blank while taking a flamethrower to the face and inflict critical damage if not kill him outright. (The Spy will die either way though.) Tell me with a straight face that this is reasonable. For all the good it does the Pyro, the flamethrower may as well be an airblaster that happens to set people on fire so he can still use the Axetinguisher.
  18. Map voting: Totally in favor. Coldfront: Hopefully Icarus won't push out a bugged version again. Pyro: Dear god he needs some help. Revert the damage nerf, keep the Backburner's +20% firepower, and I think we'll be going places. Although knowing Valve it won't be nearly that simple. Targe Global: idklolbffjill
  19. Oh, you~ Based on your observations, that's a very likely theory.
  20. Fun fact: Based on the numerous comments I've got that are in awe of my "singlehandedly saving the Gold Rush cart," no one's picked up on the fact that the reason it fades to the next clip with the Medic still there is because he crit Ubersaws me a second later and finishes pushing it to the end.
  21. IDK So it seems that the maplist has a mind of its own if we haven't been to Viaduct in ages and Dustbowl keeps popping up despite being on there only once. Off topic, I'd like to slap whoever decided to name it cp_freight_final1. Seriously. It's silly.
  22. Well, the rotation was set up so that the core maps (Dustbowl, Gold Rush, Badwater, Granary, Badlands, Gravelpit) come up twice each over a full rotation, with the rest of the maps interleaved between them. So seeing Dustbowl and Granary more often than other maps is expected. Doesn't excuse Gold Rush and Badwater being played right after each other though. (Which I already mentioned here, but I can't find the post.) May as well. EDIT: If I can find any way to contact them in the first place.
  23. Sony Vegas. Last one I did I used Windows Live Movie Maker. Both had the same problem, neither looped when I played it on my own computer. The issue appeared only after I uploaded it.
  24. Double posting but I don't really give a toss. this time in a more traditional frag video style. Except for the Pipeline bit at the end, everything's from the last couple of days, so some of you may remember the exact scenarios. Especially that epic chainstab I get on the Gold Rush cart.Mrs. Bark in particular should enjoy this if I recall her self stated musical tastes correctly. (Also, if anyone knows why YouTube has made my last two videos loop for no apparent reason, please tell me. It's getting irritating.)
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