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  1. I take perverse pleasure in linking to TV Tropes, knowing full well that people end up trapped there for the better part of the day.
  2. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/EpilepticTrees
  3. According to the linked thread, Sandman + Scrap Metal = Pain Train, while Equalizer + Eyelander = Homewrecker.
  4. Ah. Extra overhead for Mac stuff maybe? IDK. =/
  5. Current fanwank holds that Valve is ninja adding stuff in preparation for the Engineer update. Fanwank #2 says that the update system is flat out borked. Pick one?
  6. If I recall correctly, we had recently played on rc_2 when you updated the map files. I highly doubt it was RTV'd to again, given our general track record with customs. Whether or not it was rotated to is another matter altogether. Map cycle = 24 maps, I believe. ~30 minutes per map. 24 * 30 = 720 = 12 hours. So Coldfront comes up every 12 hours, give or take, if no one RTVs to it. I don't suppose you remember what time we noticed the bug report?
  7. There's luck and there's "Oh god I didn't even bump that Engineer why is he running at me with the wrench why why why." While cloaked the whole time mind you.
  8. Re: Cloak Bug The patch notes say it's been fixed, but are we sure? I had a really shitty run of luck last night when attempting to switch back to the IW/C&D and want to make sure it's actually bad luck and not a fixed-but-not-really bug.
  9. Powerlord, Coldfront just got updated to RC3. Link.
  10. Dammit, you beat me to it. I am happy, for obvious reasons.
  11. I always thought that statements like this were implied to refer to the regulars of the server in question, not their population as a whole, transient pubs and all. EDIT: When comparing their relative skill levels, anyway.
  12. That was Chili, using the Dead Ringer. I wouldn't know, honestly. (Although I guess I could record myself on a 24/7 Badwater server or something for shits and giggles.)
  13. Oh, it's on now. <_____________< (Also, when I get on, can I recruit someone to help me see if they fixed that cloak bug?)
  14. Chives is right, Powerlord. Also, following my second ever allnighter, I have one more day left to work on my project, then I'll be free. Still have the rest of my finals, but those won't eat up nearly as much time to study for. I may or may not be online tonight depending on how tired I am, but I'll be back soon. Promise. *watches as everyone switches to Pyro*
  15. FFS, isn't this the third time they've "fixed" being able to build multiple buildings?
  16. Fun Fact: The Targe was ninja nerfed to have only 40% explosive resistance, instead of 50%.
  17. Wait what. I have nothing against Prop Hunt, but adding support for it totally caught me off guard.
  18. Well, the damage nerf was definitely uncalled for imo, but at the very least there's a reason to use the Backburner now.
  19. But it creates a clear distinction between the defensive vanilla flamethrower and the offensive Backburner. Although I do wish they'd widen the back cone for it.
  20. On account of having a massive project that is due on Wednesday next week and makes up more or less our entire grade for the semester, I will not be on the server much if at all starting Friday. And ending Wednesday, obviously enough. This excludes the possibility that I may be able to squeeze in an hour or two at midnight-ish between wrapping up my work for the day and going to bed, but you get the gist.
  21. alias airblast "slot 1; attack2; lastinv" bind mouse2 airblast (This assumes I didn't mess up the syntax.) Not terribly hard, actually. It's only an issue at range where you need to compensate for travel time and arc. And I've had more than a few run-ins with shoddy flame detection too, so it goes both ways.
  22. Time for me to play Devil's Advocate, I guess. Currently the flamethrower does ~120 DPS if all particles hit. This is less than the syringe gun/Blutsauger, which do ~150 DPS at flamethrower range if memory serves. Medics are stronger than Pyros now. If you want to keep it in the same class, the shotgun's in a similar boat. I can't support any change that makes a primary weaker than the secondary. Random aside: It might have been interesting if the DPS nerf only applied to the vanilla flamethrower, creating a distinction between the defensive and offensive primaries.
  23. I think they meant the hat. Anyway, thought I'd mention that the whitelist seems to be borked too -- my skins all vanished. Not sure if this falls under SourceMod or not.
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