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  1. Um, your flamethrower does less damage and afterburn is shorter with no DPS change, so only the airblast was buffed. But dear god you're right about the Heavy changes. Also I totally want to play on Freight now. Just give me an hour to get to my room and shower and I'll hop online.
  2. If you're doing this, make it cp_coldfront_rc2. The particles are flagged as weather now, so they can be disabled in options. EDIT: Download link if you need it.
  3. To a point. If you're just going to ignore your Knife then you should switch classes, but any halfway decent Spy needs to learn how to use their gun, yes. Revolver vs. Ambassador is irrelevant and ultimately boils down to the situations you find yourself in more often. (Or if you can headshot consistently, in which case the Ambassador has better DPS full stop except maybe at point blank range in which case why aren't you backstabbing them.) On an unrelated note, I think the mapcycle's messed up. We went from Gold Rush to Badwater, and I don't think Gold Rush was RTV'd to. (I know for a fact Badwater wasn't.)
  4. What is it with the Billycock? Powerlord (I think) has one, I have one, my RL friend has one, and now you have one. o.O;
  5. Ghastly Gibus. You get it via achievement.
  6. Can't you just wait a half hour and join then?
  7. From the way they talked about it on the blog, it'll be a one-off event like Bill's Hat or Gentle Manne's Service Medal -- they don't randomly drop, and you only have a limited timeframe to get them. EDIT: Unless you mean fewer people will get Sam & Max than Left 4 Dead 2. In which case idklolbffjill.
  8. Minor TF2 update. Buy the new Sam & Max game before April 24 for a hat and skins for the Pistol and Revolver. Also Equalizer damage has been nerfed to only do ~100 at max power rather than 150, with appropriate scaling for the other health values.
  9. Couple of things: First, between finals coming up and a veritable deluge of assorted projects, I may or may not be able to play TF2 as much as I used to during the next couple of weeks. We'll see. Second, feel free to tell me to shut up if anyone gets tired of hearing me gripe about my terribad luck, failstabs, pathetic K/D, etc.
  10. Jesus christ on a pogo stick. I second FireSlash's suggestion.
  11. Only because I had the silver Revolver ribbon and wanted to get gold. Which requires earning the daily Revolver award 10 times. I have it now, so back to the Ambassador for me.
  12. I think it's more of a "rolling" time period, as opposed to discrete 28-day frames. For my part, I guard my global Backstab, Ambassador, and Sapper awards jealously. I had the global Revolver award for a while, but it's passed to someone else recently.
  13. Remind me to never get a military job. I like pretending to have a sleep schedule. Not that 2-12 is ideal mind you, but I've only ever pulled a single allnighter in my life, and that was the midnight release of Smash Bros. Brawl.
  14. Clearly, the solution is to add an Australian admin. (Do we even have any Australian regulars?)
  15. Never played on Scoville before, Panic's fun, never played on Starship, Follower's fine in my book, PACMAN FUCK NO, Aerospace is good, no idea about Cave, Cranetop and Frontier I'd go along with. The biggest issue with customs is that they're good in small doses, but when played en masse they get really annoying really fast. That's neither here nor there though. EDIT: The guy who made Waste has another 5CP map out, Coldfront. Worth a try?
  16. Also better dead than letting an enemy Medic walk into our base with full Uber. In other news, that's an epic shoop.
  17. The funny part is that I've cosplayed as BLU Spy before. Trisexual = attraction towards men, women, and...animals? Vegetables? Minerals? lolwut? Regarding hat drops, someone worked out the details a while ago, and apparently the game rolls for items once every 25 minutes or so. Normally that's just regular items, but every...4 hours, if memory serves, you have a chance to get a hat instead. I can't remember the time at which the odds of getting at least one hat reached 50%, but I think it was somewhere in the mid hundreds.
  18. Total double post but I don't care because I got a Backbiter's Billycock fuck yeah. The funny part is that I got it while in a map via the map_<mapname> command from the console, not while idling or actually, you know, playing. That is all. <.<
  19. Considering that pretty much everyone hates how much the Engineer is tethered to his buildings, I predict unlocks geared towards fungineering in the update, not turtling. Didn't they already try that with the Repair Node and decided "lolno"?
  20. Eh, give it a couple of months until the Engineer Update comes out, then we'll see. EDIT: Now that I've actually downloaded and watched the video... For starters, I sound really out of character when I rage out loud a bit past the halfway mark. And even with my volume cranked up, I can't hear myself decloaking on top of your head.
  21. ... I find this amusing. Also, you guys should know by now not to stop and type unless you're certain I'm not there. <.<
  22. Is that the match from the other day when I kept raging? I remember finally switching to the Ambassador and sniping you from across the map.
  23. Don't care, no, don't care, small doses only, never had a serious match on it, and yes, in that order.
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