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  1. It's what I did to get better at Spy when I was starting out. Go for it.
  2. I didn't think it was possible to do this... If so, it has my support.
  3. Actually, I believe the PL version came first, and was adapted for 5CP later. The author likes to do that to his maps: See ctf_vector and cp_vector.
  4. Please tell me you're joking. Please. I think the reason customs go from LUV->meh->HAET is because at first, it's a shiny new map. Then we play it and get used to it, so we look at it more objectively. Then we hate it for its newfound lack of novelty and tendency to empty the server, because even the best customs can't compare to the popularity of official maps. It's a cycle, and I'm not sure there's a way out of it except for constantly refreshing the customs avaliable.
  5. I liked pl_waste, but I'm a sucker for novelty. This means I like most customs as long as they look pretty and at least pretend to be balanced.
  6. Hmm... I have an idea. Let's all list the customs that we like and/or don't mind playing on. Then let's password lock RED and have a night or two set aside to playing on those customs so we can decide which ones are and aren't worth making part of the BLU rotation. Thoughts?
  7. Have I told you you're awesome lately? Also, TRIPPY AS FUCK VIDEO IS TRIPPY AS FUCK.
  8. Random question: Has the rotation been updated yet? Also, I made a pair of new sprays and need opinions on which one to use. Milkshake Classy Lady
  9. We have our own idle server? When was this?
  10. I do know that you can reliably facestab someone by hitting them as they back away from you, and there are many reports of Heavies being susceptible to failstabs, especially when they're munching a Sandvich. But the link I posted is what Chili's using to get his infamous facestabs. Which, I should quickly mention, are only facestabs in the sense that the Spy and the target are facing opposite directions. Because the attack falls in the rear 180 arc, it's technically a legitimate backstab.
  11. Since word on the street is that Chili has a reputation for facestabs, this blog article may be of interest for those who find themselves raging about it. The general phenomenon has been known for a while, but this is the best researched explanation of it that I've found.
  12. Brace for more TF2stats data in 3, 2, 1...
  13. Be fair atmuh, when's the last time any of us played Hoodoo? I don't think I've been on it since last summer.
  14. I think I'm the only one who realizes that you can walk onto the enemy Sniper deck no problem...
  15. I agree, the list looks very nice. I'm not entirely convinced that customs in the stock rotation are the way to go, but I can live with it. It's the rest of the server I'm worried about. (I'd push for Pipeline, but last time I tried that nothing really happened.)
  16. Ah. I guess a totally cheapass solution would be to make sure that NumCustoms < NumVoteOptions?
  17. And that's any different from the next map in rotation being disliked...how? As far as Viaduct goes, I like it because I always do pretty well there. So no, totally not self-motivated at all, I swear. <.<
  18. Actually including you, because I didn't know you didn't like it. What kind of complaints?
  19. This may or may not be my place, but if the order of maps in the rotation reflects the order they appear in, then some special attention probably needs to be given to how they're arranged. I mean, having GoldBowlWater all in a row followed by a string of 5CP and KOTH probably won't go over well. That was probably a massive case of stating the obvious. Speaking of GoldBowlWater, the core set, as I envision it: Dustbowl Gold Rush Badwater Gravelpit Badlands Granary Viaduct Viaduct will probably raise a few eyebrows, but I am not joking when I say that I cannot think of any regulars who simply do not like it. And I'm personally not too fond of Granary compared to other maps, but it's been in the rotation since forever and there are definitely worse maps out there. Something that just came to mind: On some other servers I've been to, when a map change starts approaching, a vote automatically comes up for the next map. Although implementing it definitely "sounds suspiciously like work," it may be worth it to avoid potential issues with having to manually edit the rotation every few months.
  20. Without naming specific maps because I don't want to take forever writing this, I think the rotation should consist of a core set of maps that are consistently popular and/or can be used to fill the server if need be, with a secondary set of maps that can be swapped in and out with relative impunity to spice up the rotation when it starts getting stale. They should probably always be on the RTV list, though. I may make a list later when I have more time/feel like it. As far as customs go, I think they should be relegated to RTV status. That way we only play on them when a plurality wants to, which should help prevent them from emptying the server consistently. The same probably goes for Arena.
  21. Would not surprise me in the least, but meh.
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