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  1. I always download work by GrayLightning because I always know it is quality work. Once again, I was not let down. Excellent. A great and memorable track redone flawlessly.
  2. I like the style of the remix. But it could be longer; the Terra theme ends almost abruptly. There is a lot of potential here for further remixes, me thinks.
  3. Just finished listening to it again. God, I love this remix. Chilling to the bone, especially the voices. Just thought I'd mention again how much this remix rocks!
  4. Been listening to this for a while now since I got it of WIP. Love it. Wouldn't change a thing. I'm not sure if it's just me, but it has a "Parasite Eve" aspect to the song. Anyone else? Anyways, love it. Great theme and great game.
  5. wow! very cool! like everyone says, it sounds like final battle music. (perhaps in ff x-2?, lol).
  6. good stuff. there are FAR to few final fantasy adventure mixes. thanx for making a good one.
  7. this is of professional quality. i am astounded. i gotta hear more from this guy, and soon!
  8. very true. love it. i'd like to see more originality like this around here. and i'd love to hear more from zyko.
  9. u are contradicting yourself here. you are saying that you like a soundtrack because of the emotional quality it created for you, and yet you are also saying you don't like AmIEvil's remix because of the emotional quality that he is trying to convey. Because he felt that emotion, he tried to convey it to us; he enhanced the feeling. that was the goal of the remix. if someone had remixed your anime soundtrack because they were moved by it's emotion, as it had done to you, would you not like the result? it is the same for us and this track.
  10. everyone is entitled to their opinion, but have you played FF6? most of the other remixes on this site don't even come close to this remix. i don't know; maybe i just love ff6 so much that i really like this track, but i still think it's one of the best ever.
  11. i totoally forgot about this game until i saw its posting here. awesome job. sounds like something from silent hill 2 actually. very cool.
  12. I don't like this style too much, but it is well done. Loved amievil's 'death on the snowfield' and 'let there be light' much much more though...got any more of that comin'?
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