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    RAWR. I need to buy a good program. Seriously, I work on crap.

    Currently trying to smash upwards of 6 songs from random games into one song, titled "One", or something really lame like that.

    I am good at combining songs, new material, and stuff. Can't polish a song for the life of me, or get any good recording done. So, I am a creative, useless person. YAY!

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  1. It's been going on for a while, so check it out if it's still on: http://www.mariomarathon.com/ This is a charity marathon for the Child's Play charity, a charity that gives games to kids in need. It's pretty sweet, and it's for a great cause. I don't want to force it, but I hope you all will spread the word and go take a look. It's for the kids!
  2. I think that Cackletta's Theme would make a perfect Gothic style (churchy, if you will), with full church organs and a string ensemble. I also always found it very similar to Bach's Fugue #2 in Cm from The Well-Tempered Clavier book. It may be just me, but a piano arrangement that tries to imitate Bach's style could be very successful.
  3. That is a good song! Now that you mention it, a lot of great Legend of Zelda endings have been gravely overlooked. I mean specifically the staff roll from Links awakening, the ending of seasons/ages (a variation of the main theme), and even the ending of Wind Waker! I agree with you, endings need a little more love.
  4. I have always held this song as one that has huge potential, as a house beat and as a heavy techno song. The original song is almost begging to be re-vamped.The use of sound clips from Dimitri is awesome, and I love the underlying theme of the song. The drum beats really need work, and more layering would be great, but that's for the remixer to decide!
  5. I absolutely love this mix, and it stands as one of my favorites on the entire site. The synths are just perfect, and it has a wonderful techno style without all of the extreme repetition so prevalent in the genre. Short, sweet, and all around awesome. Also, the opening is boss.
  6. I love the flow of this song, from the opening drums to the lead synth. This song is just perfect for Dire Dire docks, and I love it. Also, on a random side note, look at the review for Fillmore Freestyle if you have any question on McVaffe's gender.
  7. New and proud of it! Maybe I'll be a cool remixer once I can buy a decent program.
  8. Everybody likes lists! Please list your top 5 ORIGINAL game songs. Not remixes, the originals. These are your personal favorites, so they could be the ones you would listen to a million times, or that one obscure song you love that no-one else knows. Here's my list: Tal Tal Heights One Winged Angel Song of Storms King dedede (Middle boss tower from Nightmare in dreamland) Shin Onigashima (SSBB remix) Remember, only five. I know it will be nearly impossible, but please only five. This can serve as a starting point for many a remix, and also help me (and others) find some good music we may have missed.
  9. Tal Tal heights was the single most important video game song in my life. I am pleased to say you just made it better.
  10. Love the 8-bit, and the "item get" sound from original game. Great beat, wonderful job layering the 8-bit with everything, along with the little flourish sounds in 8-bit. I also enjoyed how you mixed kokiri forest into the song around 1:38, it was just icing on the cake.
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