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Status Updates posted by Garpocalypse

  1. Hey thanks for the words about the track I remixed for the holiday album. I'm planning on having an updated version on the forums sometime soon!

  2. No problem! have a great holiday!

  3. Hey Rexy,

    Just wondering if you could do us a HUGE favor for the Streets of Rage album that is being brought out of limbo. Would you be able to give us a bump on your radio show and say that we are looking for people to fill out the album? We have roughly half the album to get claimed before we can get back on the ball.



  4. Hey congrats on the mixpost!

  5. Hey DS, is there going to be a WCRG 2014? :)

  6. nah i think i am the one with the bruises....

    more metaphorically than literally. ;)

  7. AHHHHHHHH sorry man I had a busy semester. Had some fun, some stress, some beer, and had a chick mess with me. :( It'll take top priority this weekend!

  8. what is with the midi guitars?? THEY AREN'T!! i'm just a badass editor. :)

  9. Congrats on whomping me! Now you better win this competition!!


  10. thanks! it's been great to go up you directly for once. I know I cheezed out of FFCC but congrats on winning that one!

    (your PM box is full!)

  11. I freaking love you! :)

    thanks for the vote!

  12. sure!

    eeeyyyyyyaaAAAAAAAAH! /10char

  13. I was back and forth like crazy, one minute things were too loud then after a rest they seemed too quiet. Took forever to settle on it. Where would you normally cut growls? I couldn't find the information anywhere. Some obvious edits aside I thought they turned out better than the rest of the remix. :)

  14. Hey ACO!

    I know you are into power metal. I just did a power metal remix for the Sonic Zone Remix Competition. If you want to take a listen it's here http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=46386

    Still have some stuff to iron out but let me know your thoughts!

  15. Hey, any crits on how I handled the vocals while they are still fresh in my head? Signal chains went Compression, Saturation, Mono Delay, EQ, for the lyrics. Screams and Growls were Compression, harder saturation, wide reverb and EQ. The growls/screams had a slight dip around 4k or so they could stay behind the lyrics during the overlaps. All were HPF'ed at around 250 hz and sent to a mix reverb aux at -25db.

  16. Pretty sweet groove! Good luck this round!

  17. Hey, really dug your track for the SZRC. Reminded me of Into the Cosmos by John of Light. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/into-the-cosmos/id370422131

    good luck!

  18. you mean those alien sounds doing the duet towards the end? I cut those... and I lost my shit when I first put those in too. :)

    I think it's too late to make the correction now. Blame it on my crap editing. :)

  19. 19? that was it? thought it was double that :)

  20. maaan you are screwwwwwwing with me aren't you? :) You've had them done all this time. I know.

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