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  1. Wonderful piece of music. There were quite a bit of times where I just wasn't prepared for what actually happened. In fact, 5 seconds into the song the piano makes a minimalist appearance (a whole 7 spine chilling notes). I was expecting another round of the intro before any other instruments joined in, but got a nice example of what to expect from the rest of the piece: minimalistic, with just a few unexpected twists to keep one interested. The beat itself is extremely simple, repeating the same 4 measures for the majority of the piece. Not much else is really needed, as the nay provides all the dynamic/emotional aspects of the song. The occasional accompanying instruments add just enough variety to keep the piece from getting too boring. Overall, the pure emotion present within the nay is what drives this piece. I, for one, found the ending to be absolutely brilliant. To me, the entire premise of the song is a very mellowdramatic outlook on life (call it emo, if you will). Everything is depressing, even the various moments that have meaning are still melancholy, all leading up to an abrupt end (suicide, accident, etc.). At least that's how I interpret it.
  2. I'll tell you guys right now (whether you believe me or not is up to you): THIS SONG GETS ME THROUGH THE DAY. I'm dead serious. All day long I sit through hell (aka School) just so I can come home and listen to this first thing. It is THAT good. Good up the excellent work, Analoq
  3. Russell, you take Music Theory before? Cause it sounds like you know quite a bit about the workings of orchestas (and from some of your remixes, its quite apparent as well). Anyone, onto the mix. Basically, I loved this whole piece... Except for the Ice theme :/ Too mellow, IMO. I guess its just because of the transition... Just goes from nothing to something overly mellow. As Cox stated, perhaps a bass note or 2 to perhaps leave you with a feeling that you weren't exactly ripped from one section to the other (which is how I felt about it). BTW, dont mind me. I have no idea about the workings of music, and I doubt I could remix anything in my whole life, so I applaud everything that ever gets released on this site This especially (besides the Ice theme part), which is definitely one of my more-listened-to tracks
  4. I'm just a sucker for soft pieces that just go all out facking crazy. Great mix by Subliminal Labs, who I hope will continue to make such high-caliber mixes in the future, as I want more of this type of hardcore goodness
  5. Wow... What can I say.... I have personally 'dub'bed this "crack music" (pardon the pun). Anyway, all my friends that have listened to this all seem to agree. This is the type of music you listen to when you are so messed up on some sort of drug, that you no longer know what the hell is going on... That's why we all love it! I love how it builds up to throughout the whole piece, then just throws it all in at once at you, and you just get overwhelmed by the intensity. I especially like how about a 2:00 in, most of the music just starts quickly panning between the left and right sides (mostly just the bass at this point), and does it again with the distortion around 3:20. Seriously, kick ass. KEEP IT UP!
  6. Agreed. This song has a very "mellow" feel to it which, when compared to the rest of the Zeal mixes, is a welcome relief (not saying the others are bad, just saying there are too many that sound so similar). Choir was overdoing it a bit, I think, but still enjoyable.
  7. Couldn't remember this among the many scores of FF remixes, so pulled it out of my HD and lent an ear to it for about 3 and a half minutes. Liked what my ear told me Good voice samples, which aren't overused. Interesting arrangement... Not bad, just interesting. And, umm, yeah... Decent stuff, I guess. Not too big of a fan of techno, but I still give an occasional listen
  8. A nice, warm, fuzzy piano solo. Easy listening, for those that enjoy it. For the rest of you: Leave now... Your kind is not wanted j/k Seriously though, great arrangement by kLuTz, who is known for his amazing piano solo's on OCR, which this remix is no exception. Good stuff, kLuTz! Keep up the great work!
  9. Great instrument choices! When it got around to the first cellphone part, I just cracked up! Great stuff! Guitar is played well, and complements the cellphone quite nicely Overall, a fun little piece to listen to when you need a good laugh.
  10. Arranged well, but the bag-pipes are just way too high (giving me a headache here :/) Anyway, I didn't like the lead instrument choice, but the arrangement of the piece itself is really good work. Especially liked the ending, how everything just dies, implying something happened when on the mountain (perhaps falling, although there are better ways to do falling). Lets just say something happened at the end, and its no longer meant to be happy. Outlived its purpose
  11. Wow... I'm speechless... I got this back when I first started roaming OCR, and I still listen to it regularly. This song starts small, but gets ominous very quickly, which gives it that eerie feel. Great interpretation of the piece
  12. The first time I heard this remix, it was the heavy distortion that kept me comin back for more. This song just plays beautifully, and I commend K.P. for all his good work. Best way to listen to this song is with earphones, turned up REAL loud
  13. Truly an interesting piece It begins really peppy, and gets even more intense around 0:42. Really enjoyed how this was put together, especially the voice sample's used Good stuff to be listenin to
  14. Good stuff I personally think the Boss theme isn't the best track to remix, but it was done quite well, so I have no gripe about song selection here... Didn't like the 1st section too much, but thats just me. And remember: Pay no attention to the ramblings of this insignificant fool.
  15. I'm thinking of making an FF6 Romhack with alot of these remixes replacing the music... Nice little side project to see how far I can get before finally quitting
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