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  1. Took ya long enough, Nutty. Cool! I'm sure a lot of people would be happy to see me gone. ;P
  2. Well, I was going to wait until the remaining possible appearances had chosen a song, but since I was getting anxious, I decided to just go along with it anyway. Thanks for your support and your contribution, Rexy; hopefully this will come along well!
  3. Well, I'm kinda having second thoughts on playing an actual, remixing part of this project, so I'll talk to Luiza about Raine's theme. I can still put you down for it, if you'd like.
  4. I'm putting out a call for more remixers. We need you for this!
  5. Do I sense some competition? Maybe a little friendly rivalry? You're on. Haha, I'm not holding my breath. Your project is much smaller.
  6. Funny...I got the same exact reactions from them, hehe. Good luck on this project, Walan. I bet the Tales one can come out before it, though!
  7. Well, if you want a remixed Fighting of the Spirit, there already is one by SSH ( Yeah, I have about 12 different versions of Fighting of the Spirit, but not many are on live instruments.
  8. If you know House or Rexy, you know to expect something awesome to come out for Fighting of the Spirit.
  9. An OverClocked ReMix Project Project Staff: KyleJCrb - Lead project director, Mastering engineer Kureejii Lea - Project co-director, artwork composition designer OA - Website designer Swing by the website. Czech out the forums. -------------------------------------------- Track List Aselia Tales of Phantasia Disc 1 1. Sixto Sounds, Dhsu - The Unholy Wars (Fighting of the Spirit) 2. Hemophiliac, Christian Pacaud - Crisis Healing Salve (Mint) 3. djpretzel - The Koan of Drums (Desolate Road) 4. Dhsu - Airborne (Aviators) 5. The Joker - Arche Angel (Arche) 6. The Joker - Chronometrical (Stream of Time) 7. TheDeath - Setting Sail (Hydropolis) 8. The Prophet of Mephisto, Fishy - Mirror Image (Mysterious Japon) 9. Sir NutS & Usa - Frozen Heart (Biting Cold) 10. Kureejii Lea, The Joker - Momentary (Harmonious Moment) 11. Rexy - Gentry Is a Five-Letter Word (Euclid) 12. XMark - Wind Dry My Tears (Sylph) Disc 2 1. Hale-Bopp - Beyond Absentminded (Be Absentminded) 2. Sixto Sounds - Summoned Without Reason (The Second Act) 3. Rexy - Middle-Aselia Biology (Forest of the Treant) 4. The Joker - Cold Memory (Freeze) 5. PriZm - Simplified Design (Take Up The Cross) 6. Nutritious, Fishy - Just Go (Go A Step Further) 7. pu_freak - Royal Treatment (Triumph) 8. OverCoat - New Technology (Abyss of Thor) 9. Tepid, PriZm - Horizon's Walk (Final Act) 10. Red Tailed Fox, Xaleph - Riddles in the Dark (Morlia Gallery) 11. The Prophet of Mephisto - as time goes on (As Time Goes On) 12. Sir NutS - Deity (Martel) 13. Dhsu, Anthony Lofton - Sweet Dreams (The Dream Will Not Die) Derris-Kharlan Tales of Symphonia Disc 3 1. Hemophiliac - Tales & Trials (Tales of Symphonia) 2. Christian Pacaud - This Fate (Kratos) 3. Jazon Phantoms - Smile And Forgive (Colette) 4. Red Tailed Fox - Cafe Mantra (Anchoret) 5. Sixto Sounds - Chaotic Heart (Raine) 6. Usa - Desert Nights (Desert Flower) 7. LuIzA & CarboHydroM - Strike of the Devil's Axes (Fatalize) 8. Monobrow - Pain Withstanding (Standing the Pain) 9. JustChris - Determination (Sheena) 10. Mythril Nazgul - Ain't Yo Fool Stay Cool (Zelos) 11. Christian Pacaud - Antegenesis (Beat the Angel) 12. Usa & TheDeath - The Fall of Iselia (Old Familiar Scent of Iselia) Disc 4 1. Andy Jayne, PriZm - Disillusioned Fate (Derris-Kharlan) 2. Nick Tam - Continental Divide (Dry Trail) 3. Master Hatchet - Like a Glint (Like a Glint of Light) 4. Paragon - Cartesian Warfare (The End of a Thought) 5. Kureejii Lea, The Joker - Sacred Ashes (Deepest Woods) 6. Monobrow, Protricity, AeroZ, injury - Altar Perception (Search a Seal) 7. Rexy - Dream Traveler (Presea) 8. Reuben Kee - My Secret Forest (Forest of the Treant) 9. silas - On the Edge (Keen-Edged Blade) 10. Andy Jayne, The Joker, Fishy - Apogee (Last Battle ~Decision~) 11. Christian Pacaud - Dark Corner (It Can Waver and Fight) 12. PriZm - Holy Judgement (Final Destination) 13. Rexy - Summoning of Spirits (Fighting of the Spirit) --------------------------- MIRRORS (Will be mirroring the project songs upon their release:) herograw (x1 HTTP) Fusion 2004 (x1 HTTP) KyleJCrb (1x HTTP) thestarvingmusician (1x HTTP) BLueBeRRyKiWi (x4 HTTP, 2x BT)
  10. Funny how that remix utterly sucks yet 3 reviews begin with "whoa" (including the two that says "wow" but actually meant to say "whoa") LOL... seriously it sucks; I'm sorry. Let's just say that Nex can do much better than that now. Then again, this is the same guy who once did a remix of Pong... And he is a beautiful man because of it. I miss Nex... :'(
  11. I think I have a few scene-related things I could talk about. Let me know when you'd be willing to have me on and all that, and I'll be there.
  12. I'd be willing to be on the show, if you're not afraid of another radio show host (and remix project coordinator) coming on with you.
  13. House, I love you. ...In a completely platonic way, of course.
  14. Well, that was a cool show. I'll listen to it whenever I can. And...Hmmm. The possibilities of Skype could make for some neat additions to the show, as well. Remixer interviews or other special guests, anyone? I'm sure a few people would be willing to do that.
  15. I just started listening to this right now. A short show (compared to mine anyway, which goes on for 4 hours or more ) but pretty informative so far. Of course, I already know most of the stuff about the site, but it's great to hear another radio show out there. Also: Do you plan on maybe looking at VGMix as well, at least slightly? Not a focus shift, but at least acknowledging the existence of the site? EDIT: Alright, the first song is by Goat! I give this show my stamp of approval.
  16. So is THAT what it takes to get Gray on projects? Hmmm...
  17. Of course he's good. Why do you think I recruited him and am trying to get him to choose a damn track or two for the Tales project? And where might they get the idea that Gray is a jerk? He's always been a nice guy over at VGMix...
  18. One word - awesome I think that outlook goes for the entire project. I can't wait for the final product on this one.
  19. Haha, yes, this is the intro. A well-done interpretation, at that.
  20. I appreciate the help. I feel it would be rude to contact artists directly and ask them, but I suppose I will if it will get them onto the project. That's what I've been doing with the Tales project. Seems to be working. It works, so long as you aren't all like "OMG BE ON THIS PROJECT NOW OR I KILL U!111" When I've gotten everyone that I'm interested in being on the Tales project, then I'll be making a thread about it here. On a more related note, good luck, Walan! This should be one of the most creative remix projects yet, if it does indeed come to full fruition.
  21. I think it makes sense to do it by the coordinators choosing instead of a voting process. Remember, Snapple didn't say that the voting process will be done away with altogether; if some songs are very close to each other in terms of quality, they would be voted on. It's a great way to ensure quality control, and it's a good idea on the part of Snapple and KFC to make sure the project is consistant and well-rounded when it is complete. A very good idea, I think. I might have to "borrow" it once I can get my own project off the ground.
  22. I have honor? News to me...
  23. Hell, Larry already does the show using Winamp on his laptop, anyway. He's already halfway towards using Shoutcast for broadcasting!
  24. This is looking to be the most promising OCR site project yet. Excellent work by KFC and Snap to get this all set up. I look forward to the final product; I'm sure it will live up to the awesomeness of the original soundtrack and do it justice. Now, can someone PLEASE pick up Marble Garden?