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  1. I don't know if it's my deep rooted heritage into Zelda or something else, but this is my favorite song I've heard anywhere. I play it in the woods on my ipod at night, and trust me, it's fitting.
  2. Not a whole lot I dislike about this mix. Very triumphant, assbeating militant music. Thanks again, Mr. Salzman.
  3. I can't add on much to what anyone else has said, but this is definately one of my favorites period. Genius.
  4. I can't tell of any place that SD3 kicks in...I've played both games an aweful lot too. Both samples are from SD2 for sure, one is the grassland kinda theme, and the other is from the subway under the great palace where all the zombies dance. Dancing zombies...w00t!
  5. The whole thing reminds me of Forever Rachel from FF3...which is a completely good thing because I really love that song. Very smooth, I commend you, Vigilante.
  6. I really enjoyed this. I expected something a bit different from the title, but regardless I couldn't of asked for much more as a good metal remix.
  7. I like this piece...dont get me wrong. But I am definately not a fan of hip-hop, but this piece wasn't drowned in the genre so thats only a minor implication. If it wasn't for that, I bet this song would be one of the sexiest songs in existance. Good work. Oh, and please keep the Wild Arms remixes going!
  8. One of my favorite remixes on the whole site now. Right up my alley, thanks DJ K-Wix & Israfel!
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