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  1. I love the song and seem to have listened to it religiously everyday since I first downloaded it a few weeks ago. I love her voice.
  2. So after reading all this, I guess that makes Kingdom Hearts pro teen suicide!
  3. Drifting on Need For Speed: Underground. Haven't even finished the rest of the game yet! And Tetris, on my phone, until I made 1200-and-something line record and decided against ever attempting to defeat myself again.
  4. This is it: Okay, so there were more than two platforms, but you have to jump up the lower ones to get to the only two that he won't catch you on. Looking at him, even now, sends a shiver up my spine. Apparently this game is available for mobile phones now.
  5. One of the hardest bosses I remembering encountering was this big zombie from a game I used to have on an old computer called Dangerous Dave In The Haunted Mansion. He would stride back and forth across the screen, shooting fireballs all over the place, there were two (I think) platforms you could jump onto to avoid getting hit by him (instant death if he touched you) but you still had to avoid the fireballs (instant death if they touched you). Dave only had a shotgun that you had to stand still and wait for him to reload after six blasts and this boss took A LOT of shooting. I used to wonder if I was doing something wrong, because he just wouldn't die, the only indication I was hurting him was that he lit up every time you shot him. I finally dispatched him in the end, only to be greeted with a horrible dungeon stage with a werewolf running around inside that took several shots (I never found out how many) to kill, he moved at 4 times the speed of Dave, and if he touched you - instant death!
  6. How come nobody has remixed anything from the early Crash Bandicoot games on PSX? I thought those games were fairly classic? I'd do Turtle Woods if I could get my head around the music-making software I've got, but I don't know if I have the patience at this stage. There's definitely a tune there.
  7. A remix of Master System Sonic 1 Labrynth Zone would be awesome, that was my favourite level, although I don't know why anymore, it's a prick!
  8. I feel like I need to play more video games, just to get a feel for their soundtracks, so I can then search for remixes of the songs here!
  9. Hi, my name's Jade, a friend put me onto this site in '00 or '01 I think, I've been coming back from time to time ever since, usually to search for music from games I might recognize, but recently I've been lurking the forums aswell. The first song I think I heard was a remix of the first level from Alex The Kidd (might have been "Sugar High"), I was so interested I had to check out the website for myself. Downloaded a few songs, most notably "Ressurection By Breakbeat" and would listen to them over and over at school. When I got a computer of my own I downloaded everything I could find from games I knew, had a massive stockpile, I recently discovered that it's vanished from my hard drive so I'll have to download a bunch of songs again, plus everything else I've missed over the last few years, which only excites me more than anything, even with my awful 56k internet connection. On thursday night (it's now sunday in NZ) I took my trusty imitation ipod Shuffle, loaded with OCR tracks, and my boom box down to the local halfpipe, skated to the music until it got dark, then turned the ramp into a makeshift dancefloor for an impromtu dance party which lasted until the mp3 player squeezed it's last track out and the battery went flat. We were all (only about 7 people) drunk of course, but it was so much fun, someone even managed to produce a glowstick, someone else suggested forming a "Chinese dragon" using only a rug, which was going well until a cop turned up, right at the moment I, the head, was roaring into the darkness. He was amused and didn't stop our fun. Phew. Thanks OCR for providing me with great, FREE music for the last 8 or so years, and also for making my night on thursday. Congradulations on your 10 year accomplishment, your work is inspirational.
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