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  1. Reminds me of something out of "Battle of the Bulge" or "Where Eagles Dare"...
  2. With all respect, while I like the option to create your own mixes, I venehmently disagree with the decision to stop user submitted remixes. These allowed for a much wider variety of music than any synthesizer could have generated. We would have never gotten such epic mixes as Zircon and Pixietricks "Kindred", or Katethegreat19's "The Rose General" on remixanator. Sure, technology steps forward and we must move with it. But this step was not moving. It's going backward...
  3. Mr. DarkeSword, How soon is soon going to be? I was just wondering because the thread has had "RVNG 3 Up" for almost a week now...
  4. I would think that even if they were fired, they should still get the royalties they were promised for creating the game.
  5. Don't forget all the awesome mods for Mother 2 (Earthbound for us American gamers) and the other mother games at www.starmen.net.
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