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  1. I've been thinking for a while about a compo based on Super Smash Bros. except not limited to Nintendo characters.

    Each week a stage theme would be chosen and everyone would be given an opponent to try to deal damage to. They would have to mix their song, their opponents song and that week's stage theme together into one mix.

    Voting would determine how much damage each character is awarded and those with the highest cumulative damage would eventually get kicked out.

    Could also potentially add items and powerups to add even more chaos :P.

    I've been hesitant to start this because of the large number of competitions already in place though.

  2. I'm not voting, because I loved all of them and my heart cannot cope with the pressure.


    Mmm...pull them out of a hat or something?

    I know what you mean though...I'm having a really tough time deciding. If you aren't going to vote, maybe you can write some reviews instead?

    Since Rex asked...

    Cool Side of the Mountain: This is a pretty 'chill' mix :P. Love the drum beat/bass you've got at the beginning.

    I'm also not a huge fan of the lead synth, but the arranging is pretty cool. I like the original sections a lot.

    I definitely agree with Rex about the organ. I actually would have liked for it to have a bit more of a presence in the mix.

    I think this is the one that's grown on me the most. I've been liking it more and more each time I listen to it.

    A Passing Dream 2: Great stuff here, plus props for working on a shorter schedule than the rest of us!

    There's a lot of source to work with so it's cool that you were able to use so much of it. The chiptune/rock combination works really well in my opinion. I especially love how you did the intro; Those arpeggios really make me visualize a waterfall.

    At first I wasn't sure about the disharmonious guitars at 2:15, but I kind of started to like them on subsequent listens. I would have loved for the synths to start to detune at that part too to make it sound really cacophonous.

    After 2:54 I find the background stuff to become a bit grating, but I love all the soloing and stuff you've got overtop.

    Overall this is a rockin' piece with lots of energy.

    Remembering the Storm: The original riff at 0:12 is great. I've heard quite a few covers of this song, but none quite like this!

    I also like the changes you made to the melody at 1:10, though I would have liked to have heard a bit more of that.

    Love the bass at 1:37 and the melody changeup. Also love the secret and overworld references at the end.

    The...chiptune parts that keep fading in left and right at the beginning (I have no idea what you would call them) sound really cool, but I think they can be a bit loud and distracting.

    In general, the energy in this is really uplifting and fun. It totally sounds like it goes with the cute graphics that Wind Waker uses.

    Mostly I just wish it was longer!

    2 Sizes, 4 Swords, 8 Bits: Ehh, it's okay I guess.

    I don't really like the beginning anymore...

  3. I'd say something like symphobia is over-priced when you can get something like East West for several hundred less and just as good of sound.

    Apparently though, your thoughts on price destroy credibility entirely.

    Nah, I totally get what you're saying, it sounds good to me too, I'm just not sure why that destroys your credibility. It's not like you were making a professional statement or anything...

  4. Kuolema: Nice retro vibe right off the bat. Nothing sounds too messy, but there is a lot of stuff going on. Not really diggin the sound at 1:32 - feels like there's too much reverb or something like that. Link sample made me jump in my chair. Overall, a nice mix, and a nice title!

    Haha, sorry I scared you!

    Thanks go to wildfire for the title. I pretty much burst out laughing when she sent it to me :grin:.

    I guess I should give a little bit of background for my mix too.

    I'd been wanting to remix The Minish Cap for a long time and after doing some searching for a source just decided to go with it.

    I'd never done chiptunes before though, so I didn't really know where to start.

    Originally the track was going to start out 8-bit and then morph into something else, but wildfire though it would be fun to try and make it completely chippy, so we ended up making this (which I think is way more fun than what it would have been otherwise).

  5. Just about the only character I can think of that fits that role is Jade from Beyond Good & Evil. They're extremely few and far between.

    Since this thread started out about Zelda, I wonder if the dad in the story has introduced his daughter to Spirit Tracks. Yes, you still play as Link, and the game is ostensibly about saving Zelda once again, but for once, Zelda stays with you for almost the entire game, and you actively control her in combat during the Tower of Spirits sequences. It's about the only time in the series when Zelda is a real character, instead of just rescue bait, and the game is one of my favorites because of that.

    Aren't you forgetting Wand of Gamelon? :P

    But seriously, this is a beautiful gesture by the father and I'm not sure why anyone would get upset about it.

    It really is unfortunate that there aren't more female leads in games though, which is one of the reasons why I love when you're given a choice.

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