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  1. is it possible to collabo with people if you use different daws? I feel like its pretty tough

    anyways ill sign up for this one in a few weeks! I wanna get some prc under my belt before I take on the bigger challenge :)

    You can still exchange midis/wavs, and/or provide arrangement/production feedback without the same DAW.

    lol, that was a lot of slashes

    It can be easier if both people use the same thing, but it all depends on what you need from each other and what you're trying to accomplish, so for this competition it's not particularly essential.

  2. Chrono Moonstone is pretty much my favorite piece on this site, so this doesn't quite beat that, but it's neat to see Sam redoing the Chrono trigger theme.

    This piece is way more medlyish than usual for OCR, but it's incredibly well arranged and performed. How anyone is be able to perform those Gilgamesh arpeggios without any flubbed notes is beyond me :shock:.

    Edit: Also, those strings sound really good, and the instruments are mixed really well.

  3. When doing drum parts in the past I've always loaded my own samples into separate tracks and EQed them from there, however I'm kind of confused as to how people work with drum libraries/vsts where all the sounds are on one track.

    Do you have to create a different instance of the same instrument for each drum sound in order to be able to EQ them properly, or is there a way around this?

    I'm using Kontakt for the most part, but I can't find a way to EQ individual notes instead of the whole instrument. Is there a simple way to do this?



  4. Micro-reviews:

    Sigma has an Electric Fence:

    I like the arrangement, especially the heavier middle section, though the transition back into the electric man source is bit weak.

    Charge! Towards the Sunset of Intergalactic Dictatorship:

    Awesome stuff! The drums stick out a lot and I'm not a fan of that snare, but everything else is top notch.

    Scalpelactic Immolation:

    Nice sounds here. Some of the bass parts in the middle seem kind of off but everything else sounds pretty nice.

    The Unfinished Gungaroon:

    I like the arrangement, but I think it would have worked better if you had used solo instruments instead of ensembles. It sounds kind of like you were trying to arrange for a string quartet, but using an entire orchestra string section to play it. It's too bad it didn't get finished.

    Dark Wing Duck:

    Love this. The Dark Man source is really pretty slowed down.

    Voting now.

  5. I'm curious about something that's related to getting your ReMix posted. If your remix is in queue to be added to the website and your write-up/personal notes is either very short, completely missing, or "not up to par" in terms of legibility or grammar, do you get contacted to write a better one? I mean, otherwise how would DJ Pretzel do a write-up without having the ReMixer's own story about it? It will just not look right :lol:

    He'll just use whatever he has, judges quotes or his own comments or whatever. There's always something to write about.

    There have been several mixes posted where the only comments from the mixer were basically "hope you like it" :P.

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