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  1. Wild Arms 'Dové L'Amore' I must confess, I have never liked Wild Arms music. It always reminded me of corny western movies, and the horrors of my childhood watching Fievel Goes West. But since DJ Crono went and turned the theme into a hip hop beat, I can bounce to that. Yes folks, DJ Crono went and did it again, another french Rap, with a kick ass reflection of the original song. I knew this dude was hot when I heard his first song, and I'm so very glad he keeps coming back to make sure he's proven that. Amazing remix, DJ Crono, certainly don't stop now.
  2. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 'Grand Dreams (A Hero's Legacy)' Ah yes, give me some very well orchestrated music any day, and I'll love you for eternity. Teach me how to orchestrate this kind of music, and I'll probably tell you to get off my back. So just keep this stuff coming, and I'll love you for it more and more, people (remixers, composers, musicians, obsessive freaks, whatever it is you like to call yourselves.) Starblaze puts this together very nicely, even if it is rather short for my tastes. The piano is downright beautiful, and the drums nearing the end are perfect. Excellent work, Starblaze, keep it coming.
  3. Lightening Force 'Bio Tech' Stick this in a game where I'm really involved and just having lots of fun (and basically not pay attention to the music,) and it'd be great. As for listening music for when I'm on the computer doing what not and whatever, or just playing tunes on the stereo? Nah. The only thing that does impress me about this piece is the drums, but other then that it sounds like it has no atmosphere to me. Sounds like it was produced and recorded back in the 80's (I never liked generic 80's music that didn't experiment beyond the raw samples of keyboard synths.) It sounds like a well put together piece of music, but it's just not 'out there' enough for me. Nor is it my genre. Sorry for this reviews depressing tone, just can't find much that I like. Maybe somebody else will like it, eh? The Coop?
  4. Gun.Smoke 'Smoking Guns of Liberation' I'm afraid this is not my favorite piece of work by K. Praslowicz. The guitars and the the other instruments just don't fit for me. The guitars are also a little too grungy for my tastes, and I'm struggling hard to find something good to say about this piece, but I'm finding it just doesn't work for me at all. I guess I can say that I like the piano, and if it was just the piano with a completely different style of music, I could go with that. Sorry K. Praslowicz, this one doesn't get any props from me.
  5. Dragon Warrior III 'Flight of Destiny' Another soft and melodic yet playful bit of music from our resident electronic orchestra conductor, Russell Cox. It's always fantastically dramatic with this guy, isn't it? A beautiful mix of strings, brass, and wind instruments, topped of with a piano like a cherry on a cream pie. But of course you must have a taste for classical to get anything out of this. Try it just to see. Stunningly beautiful piece of work, Russell Cox.
  6. Doom II 'Blood Bath' This is an interesting piece of music. Not half as spooky as Ghetto Lee Lewis's orchestral instrumentation for "Friday the 13th Panic at Camp Crystal" but it's got a creepy theme all the same. I love Mazedude's use of guitars and panning. The organ is definitely the main source of the creepy feel in this one, but the other instruments are definitely not lacking in that respect. I would have to say that I think this is probably Mazedude's best work here on Overclocked. Excellent work Mazedude.
  7. Friday the 13th 'Panic at Camp Crystal' Creepy! Absolutely perfect for Halloween. The use of orchestral string instruments in this song is amazing. I should have had this playing in a stereo sitting outside my front door just to freak out the kids. And then the whole song turns right around into this goofy electronic bit. Which is really amazingly well done, but what the hell?! I was really getting off on those orchestral strings. I think it would have been nicer as two different full length songs, but ah well. Excellent work Ghetto Lee Lewis.
  8. Final Fantasy IX 'dubnofantasyaloneman' Whenever djpretzel comes out with another mix, I am filled with anticipation as I can't wait to listen to it. I can't wait to hear what theme he has chosen to use this time, and what sounds he's used that I've never heard before in my life. Every piece of music he puts out has something new and unexpected, it seems. This remix here is absolutely no exception. Snazzy piece of music, djpretzel.
  9. Final Fantasy IV 'Echoes at a Distance' This is quite the dramatic piece of music that lasombra has produced for us here. I especially love the way the bass and toms rumble through my head phones, gives it a really awesome spacious feel. Excellent work lasombra.
  10. Ultima VI 'Gates of Creation' Potshot has given us some really sweet electronic music that sends musical vibes right down through my bones. I really love that synth, but the those bells (or whatever,) sound like they are over echoed or something. Great work anyways Potshot.
  11. Chrono Trigger & Xenogears 'Downwind' This piece of music is amazing. Far different from any of the music I remember, yet still a good interpretation of the music and the games. It is also at about the perfect length, I would say. Long enough that its not over before you started to enjoy it, and short enough that it doesn't bore you. Although, it's possible to make a song longer and still not bore you, but that's another matter. Excellent work, Ziwtra.
  12. Chrono Trigger 'The Mellow Corridor' Besides the fact that this is just a different take on a song that I feel we have heard too many times already, it is an excellent piece of work. I'd also have to say that this isn't the best version I've heard of this song. But no matter, the drum beat and bass beat are especially alluring to my tastes. Excellent work The Graceful Failure, keep it up.
  13. Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear 'Mystery of a Planet' This one ties in the beat of a classic James Bond 007 song with a slick melodic tune. While I suppose the beat could get annoying if you listened to it too much, it fits excellently with the rest of the piece. Excellent work Jared Hudson, keep it up.
  14. Lunar: The Silver Star 'Meribia Nights' Meribia Nights is a very soft, melodic piece with too many chimes, and drum beat that sounds way too "mushy" for me. But, it is of superb sound quality, and it must be an excellent arrangement, because I can find little to complain about besides that which doesn't please my personal tastes. Somebody else pipe in and give this one a decent review. Excellent work, Kaijin.
  15. Lunar: Eternal Blue 'Orange October' This is much more mellow then any of the other pieces I have reviewed today. Very soothing and soft with chimes, lite cymbal crashes, and the whole bit. Not exactly my favorite genre of music, but possibly something I could fall asleep to. Nice work Quinn Fox, keep them coming. I do need to sleep, after all.
  16. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 'Trippin' on Ecstasy' You listen to the first 40 seconds of this piece, and you're thinking to yourself, "well, this might be Ecstasy, but I'm definitely not Trippin." Then suddenly things wind up and you say to yourself "oh. Well I'm glad I didn't say that out loud." (Yes, yes. Like I just did.) I normally dislike faded endings. This is because I'd rather have the music let me off at the next stop rather then the volume, but I think I'll let that slid just this once because the meat of this mix really kicks. Excellent work, PxFury, hope to hear more.
  17. Final Fantasy IX 'Rose of April' This is a very nice orchestral arrangement by master. master indeed. My only compliant on this one is that the ending is so very sudden. It's kind of like you've just been swept off your feet, flying around for a while, and then you are just dropped and you don't land on your feet. It may only be from 10 feet, but still, people can break their legs from that height if they don't land right. Great piece of music master, keep it up.
  18. Lotus II R.E.C.S. 'Overdrive' This is one very cool set of instruments in this mix with some amazing effects on them. They sound very much like 303s or 404s with very cool note arrangement. I especially love the hollow sounding loop. Besides the instrumentation, of course, there is the entire arrangement and the sound effects. This overdrive car theme that's going in is very cool. The drums seem some what bland in sample quality and repetitiveness, but I might just be aching for some Break Beat, so don't take my word on that one. Excellent piece of work, Hornpipe2, keep it up.
  19. Wizards & Warriors 'Kono Sekai De' It seems to me that DJ Crono is trying very hard to be my new favorite remixer on this site, and it's very close to working. Except for the voice samples, this mix is a representation of some of my most favorite genres of music. I sure hope DJ Crono keeps this incredible work up. Excellent, DJ Crono, Excellent!
  20. MassMedia: Nine posts and no mention of blips, encoding errors, or ripping. You think it might be possible that you are an exception? You might want to consider redownloading.
  21. Exactly my feeling Emjay, and it's also a whole lot easier for me to do a (lengthy) review of a remix if its new, different, and tests the boundries somewhat. I don't like rap, and generally hate french if only because the school system forced me to take 3 years of it. But this mix fits the profile of something that is new to this site, exciting, and although not in every ones specific taste (like you can please everyone anyways,) it is excellently produced. I'd better stop posting long reiterations of why I think this mix is so great or somebody might shoot me.
  22. Final Fantasy VI 'Eres des Points' This... is... WOW. Makes me feel like swearing WOW! and that doesn't happen often. WOW! Ok, I got to start saying something other then wow. How about "Bonjour" to start off with and then "Mon nom est Ginnsu." Yes, thats right, I'm going to torture you with all the french I remember from Grade 10. No... no I'm not, because this mix hardly deserves that kind of negative attention. Ok then, being completely serious, this mix is French Rap. Yes, you read me correctly. That's two barriers broken on OC ReMix. Now I really wish I had of paid attention in French 10, and maybe even passed the class. The only two words in this song that I can recognize are "avec moi" which means "with me." Other then that I'm completely lost. *ahem* Enough about the French, how about the mix. It's amazing. I suggest that you all take a listen to it at least once. If you don't like it, that's fine. But if you do, you'll not just like it but I'm sure you'll also be considerably impressed. I'm still floating in the clouds about how strange and amazing this really is, so bare with me. This is probably one of the most amazing things I've ever heard on OC ReMix. Now, obviously, musically it might not compare to McVaffe, or Scott Peeples, but the impression this mix has on me, anyways, is astounding. This mix in my words is fabulous, brilliant, magnificent, and one hell of a tremendous piece of work. In conclusion, a stunning piece of work DJ Crono, you make me wish I knew French really badly. My goodness.
  23. Final Fantasy VI 'Ruined Skies' Very interesting piece of work. The background strings sound too "apart" from the beat to me, and because of this feel repetitive. Then again they do carry the mix quite well once they are overpowered by the volume of the rest of the song. Cut out and come back in at perfect times. Enough about the strings, the rest of the mix, is excellent. And I love the violin and the drums themselves. Great piece of music, orkybash.
  24. Xenogears 'Pilot the Yggdrasil' Beautiful... that is to say that I think its really nice and all, although not exactly my taste. So I'm not going to go deep into this one. The arrangement is great, which sounds a like a Marching band on a mission. Some of the instruments sound like music from a Disney movie (not a bad thing.) In fact the whole mix sounds like a dramatic and victorious ending to a truly adventurous story... or at least that's what I got from it. A Most Beautiful and Excellent piece of work, Jared Hudson.
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