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    Born in Metarie, Louisiana; raised in Lenoir City, Tennessee. I enjoy movies, music, video games, and going out with my friends. I first heard of OC ReMix through last.fm on my Xbox 360, listening to "The Minibosses" radio. People like The OneUps, Mazedude, Beatdrop, and several other great are what inspire me to become a mixer. Hopefully when I get the right tools, that goal will happen.
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  1. pixietricks and zircon are one of my favorite combos when it comes to remixers, if not my top favorite. Really love what you guys have done here
  2. I'm sure it will be a fun game. One thing I really hated about Street Fighter IV was Seth. He was a real challenge, and it took forever to beat him it seemed. At least he's not like the final boss in Tekken 6 where he's near impossible to defeat. If he remains a challenge, it's no suprise. My favorite character to use was Akuma, after learning all his moves.
  3. Wow, I totally agree. This is something I would hear on the radio. I love this track, and the vocals make it awesome! Nice work!
  4. I love Starla's voice. Really liked the song, it had a nice feel to it. Can't seem to find the lyrics anywhere.
  5. I heard this on last.fm and I just had hear it again, lol. Great stuff, djp! What makes makes even more hilarious for me is the fact I'm from Tennessee. Yee-haw! lol, good stuff.
  6. I've downloaded several albums from this site, but this one in particular is my absolute favorite. Final Fantasy VII may be one of my all-time favorite video games, but that's not why I like this album. It was very well put together, had some great remixers on the project, admired the artwork as well, and it's one I listen to on a daily basis. My absolute favorite track would actually have to be the first song, "Deliverance of the Heart" done by pixietricks and zircon. I posted a review on that song as well, but was worth another mention. I would like to personally thank everyone who was on that project for putting together such a great album.
  7. I've become a real fan of Mazedude's latley, and I can honestly say this is pretty different from what I normally hear. I mean that in a good way. The mix is very interesting. I'm just glad I didn't have this cranked wearing headphones, or my ears would really hurt, lol. In all seriousness; great job, Mr. Getman.
  8. Hey, man. I'm still somewhat new to the community. Love the site you have here by the way. Anyways, I notice that when I'm posting reviews I see certain character names with a score next to it. An example being yours, Big Boss (+6000).Is that a game on here or something? I'm just curious on what that's about if you don't mind me asking. I figured if anyone, you would be the person to ask. Hope to hear from you.

  9. This remix makes me want to go flying around in an airplane. Either that, or riding some creature from a fantasy movie like "The Never Ending Story" or something like that. Anyways, I always loved the original source of the song. This remix is definitly worth listening to, and is a must have in my book. Keep up the good work, halc
  10. I love this remix. Really like what you've done here. Keep up the greatness!
  11. This is a song I listen to at least once a day, sometimes more. Seriously, it's that awesome to me. I'd be listening to last.fm, minding my own business; and then I hear this. It's a really awesome dance track that I could just imagined being played at clubs and whatnot. Truly a masterpiece, and with it being done by a veteran like Mazedude, it's no suprise.
  12. Of all tracks I have heard on OC ReMix, I can easily say this is my favorite one that involves vocals period. I just listening, and next thing I knew I heard something like a voice coming out of Heaven. It gives me a "Lord of the Rings" feel in a way the vocals were done. Another song I can relax to, and consider a favorite.
  13. The title of the song says it all for me. I was inspired to get into music because of OC ReMix in the first place, and this piece right here is an awesome example. I thought the original source of this track was beautiful within itself, but this takes it to a whole new level for me. It's a nice relaxing song I can home to listen to after a hard day's work, and just take it easy. Really love what you've done here, Scott. Keep up the good work
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