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  1. Well true, but it also comes down to the music. if the music isn't all that great, it just gets annoying to play the game. and the newer music now days just seems like its lacking. Why put the thread on off topic? I've set the topic to be about music, games and the like? am I missing something?
  2. Pretty much , I've made a couple attempts before but they died off rather fast, like maybe 3 or 4 posts in. guess I got to start somewhere, even if no where is that start right? Anyways, I used to be a hardcore gamer but seems like I've been turning into a retro gamer. its like the newer games have kinda became to simplistic in my opinion.
  3. For the past 2 years, I've been messing around with fruity loops and other music generators when I can, and real life takes up most of my time. if I could I'd spend more time on my WP, but moving around and not having my own computer just eats more of that time away. I'm mainly a lurker here on the forums, can't help but be a shy guy. I mean though its the internet, and I'll probably never meet you guys, I always wondered, what's it like truly being a part of the chaos that is Overclocked Forums? How would I go about starting thread of my own? Then I thought, what does it matter? I have nothing really to say (hence I made this my topic), and in the end I find myself talking, making a thread, and attempting to start something. (though I'm sure Trolls will be trolls )
  4. I'm getting back on music making pretty soon. would you like to help me get started again sometime? I plan on getting AIM again so I'll also try and party up on Xbox live some time.

  5. sorry my bad. thanks though. I'm not the best at spelling and punctuation (not sure if that's how its spelled) but I get my point across some. (not sure why you took your comment down but alright)
  6. Its been a while sense I've last been on. the sadness of not being able to use a computer... well anyways to get on topic. The 3rd birthday, or Parasite Eve 3 in my opinion It had pretty good remixes of the 1st game. the gameplay was good for the PsP but the story was a bit of a letdown for me. I'm pretty sure this game was an attempt to kill off the Parasite Eve store. cause there was no parasites even mentioned and furthermore.... and the ending! oh that ending. I just can't except it! Why did they have too do that of all things?! well if you understand what I mean. sense I'm not the greatest talker, I'll cut it short. I was disappointed in the story.
  7. I rage when you are sure that your a couple hits away from beating a boss and they end up killing you, not only that but you have to do the stage all over again. UGH!
  8. I remember when I first started playing super mario world and dieing all the time, mis older sister was always laughing at me so it got me so infuriated that I through the a full cup of milk at her. oh the times when we were young and brave. there has been times where I'm playing super smash bros M/B. where I lose over and over and over and over and over and over and OVER again, I get a little pissed. (RAWR)
  9. well how I see it, its more playable then MW2, and with most shooting game there is someting about them everyone hates. but I see where your coming from there. like spawns. I hate how often you end up spawning in between crossfire.
  10. ahh ff6. alright well it does need some work but what style were you going for cause it seemed some what off to me.
  11. yeah I heard about MKW going down the tube cause of that. and it took a full day of nonstop defeat to get me to the point of throwing stuff. enough said about MW2. that game is the bane of online gaming in my point of view. (go battlefield: BC2)
  12. I don't like how some of the notes flow together after the the first part. and some of the sounds were to low I could barely hear them. I think that it need a little work still but its pretty good.
  13. Yesterday playing kingdom hearts: birth by sleep, I died so many times that I started to make funny noises. I'm playing as Terra on the final boss, getting my butt handed to me on proud mode. (you can't change difficulty level after starting a new game) and I spent like a full day fighting the boss before I got to the point of throwing the PsP across the room. when I rage I'm usually very stupid and people around me laugh making me more pissed. (hi to people who remember me)
  14. this is a little project to see what I could do with different presets that I haven't tried to use, the sound scape still needs work (MOER youtube). but this is what I have so far, I want to get some suggestions on what I should maybe do. I have my own Ideas, but I'll hold them for now. thanks for listening. Click here to listen to the lost one.mp3
  15. I got something to give you. hope to see you on AIM sometime.

  16. well I made a new track. its kinda hard to listen to but I plan on making it longer and making it sound better. I just wanted some feed back to see what I could do to make it better. (lol I know that there is a few problems and that I should have got a little bit more work done but, I guess I couldn't resist.) the link is on the first page.
  17. alright. thanks anyways. :)

  18. hey have you heard from GeekStoner? I haven't Seen him on for the last couple of weeks.

  19. lol I wasn't sure if it was piano. what was it then? (still a noob )
  20. It pretty nice. the piano is a nice piece to it. kinda short and not all too creative Imo. but I Like it. nice job.
  21. I tweaked the lead a little. and thanks for the comments. I might just change the lead altogether but for now I'll leave it how it it is. yeah this was different from how my Remix is by far (which I'm still working on btw). I put a little more feeling into it.
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