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  1. plus 1 ups were given out like candy in this game. and wario would cry with joy at the amount of coins obtained in this game.
  2. I agree. just got it yesterday. was amazed at how fun it is. well what made me get it was resident evil revelations. I have super mario 3d land also, It is fun buuuuuuuut easy, I mean like really easy. but enjoyable. MK7 though is fun. but it comes to your preference. just try things out.
  3. anyone play Raid mode on RE-Revelations? if so I'm always looking people to play with. also just got Mario kart 7.
  4. Just got my 3DS, my friend code is: 4554 - 0264 - 2098
  5. veeeeeeeerry interesting. might work on a project.
  6. I used a program called "wub machine" on your song Badazz and it came out quite interesting. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind if I put it on youtube? crediting you of course. but I would like permission before posting it.

  7. I would like to join, but I've only played a few of the games like Baten Kaitos and the beginning of Eternal Sonata and Valkyrie Profile. if you don't mind a beginner like myself I will work on something. need to gain some experience and exposure anyways. so if you'll have me join then I'm down.
  8. I laughed so hard too your sig. XD I still remember that one time you made me a sig. they are truly awesome. hope you keep making better stuff. (b^_^)b

  9. 1. cause I enjoy my type of music, and assume everyone else feels the same. 2.Though I I'm not a OCRmixer. (though I would like to be) I submit cause Ansem told me too. but really I will submit cause its a goal that will help me improve my skills in this art that is OCR.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSwYVAcEEbw&feature=related I put this up on Originals but I've been told that it could work as a base for Persona 3. I made this on my Psp. but I plan on working on it in FL this time around. so Critique away, I'd really like too know what others think. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=38403
  11. Just wanted to say the topic I made wasn't ment to be a "how to make a thread" thread. that is all.

  12. This was my first attempt with this Psp homebrew program "Rythem" its not that great but I felt like posting it up for some critique's. cause I plan on fixing it up on FL soon. but suggestions would and be appreciated.
  13. nice going on your mix!

  14. I have to say I'm loving this mix. The dark feel is great and it kept me interested, though I think it didn't have that much changes to the rhythm to keep things exciting, and at around 3:06-3:43 that part just seemed to last too long. Other then that Its rather catching and something I like to listen too. Keep up the work.
  15. The only other thing about Oregon is that the "Goonie's" was filmed in I think Coo's Bay, OR. Yeah I'm giving it a shot. once I get back my computer I'll be making more quality music then.
  16. Well I'm keeping on. maybe I should start being more inventive though. I mean I have kept to the topic. but I feel like its going no where.
  17. Well... I forgot how to move the topic over to off-topic (Thought I have kept to criteria for community.) and besides, I'm just a curious guy, I'm not sure if I'm interesting enough for the OC club. so I just winged it. I'm just not going to give up cause of my hesitations. that goes for music as well, example is I never actually bothered to learn the terminology for mechanisms on FL and other generators. so when people ask me how I did something, I became lost for words. but I still know what I'm doing, and what others are doing in music that I research (Ocremixes/trance/techno/Ect.)
  18. Zombies ate my neighbor all the way, and Contra! The only new game I enjoyed this year was Zelda: Skyward Sword. The puzzles were always different and some of them you had to give some real thought about. (I'm getting a 3ds in a couple of days, any color suggestions?) other then that, maybe Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
  19. lol Oregon is always under the radar. I swear anyone out of state always never knows about Oregon. I actually went on a road trip to Georgia on the 16th, it took me 4 days to get there. but on those day's some people I ended up talking too, didn't even know Oregon was a state, lmao. yeah I'll need to get a review on FL, I haven't been able to get on it in about 6 months.
  20. I'm downloading it right now. Well the remix I'm doing on my PsP is actually pretty repetitive right now (metroid). Though if your intrested I could put it up on tinteck at some point, though it still has a loooooooong way to go before its really any good. I still think "The road of Sorrow" my first song is still my best.
  21. we Brushfire and myself (along with a few others) talked through Xbox live back on my 19th birthday. though I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it (though it would be pretty cool) I still need to get Marvel vs Capcom though, most of the games we played that day nether of us could connect too.
  22. Hey! Geeky Stoner! Long time no anything! How's your music going for you? Btw I saw that Jakesnke17 got a remix up. I'll change to off-topic then. its no big deal. (that is if I can remember if I can or not)
  23. Well this topic is quite spontaneous I guess. is that a problem though? honestly I've seen even more odd people then myself. I'm just bad with starting things. I've got this homebrew on my psp that's called "Rhyhm" its a music generator for the psp. its rather simplistic (though limited) I've been working on some WP for a while, though I only have one remix going right now.
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