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  1. ...are you him?!

  2. A Zelda album? I checked your tindeck - that link's house mix is outrageous man, it's like Link's scored some E off Mido and is bouncing around his treehouse completely off his face. For something a little more calming, might I suggest my folk/jazz mix of the Song of Storms http://tindeck.com/listen/lwki also incorporating an old Scottish folk song (as you may have heard on Dexter in the background of a few episodes).

  3. Ah thanks dude, very good of you. As for the track, I'm afraid my work's firewall actually blocks the .mp3 extension so I can't listen to it, but I'm sure it sounds awesome. I'd wait for some feedback from someone who can actually hear it, but otherwise there's very little else I'd want to do to it, so unless you need me to make any changes I'd say good luck with the sub! I'll try to check the forums as often as I can, but I am supposed to be working ;)

    Good luck with your other tracks as well - I had a listen to your MySpace and Soundcloud, sounding good!

  4. Haha cheers man, I cobbled it together pretty quickly but you get the idea - looks like you got a bit of interest already in that new thread :)

  5. Hey dude, been busy at work but hopefully gonna get back into making some music in the coming weeks! Following you on soundcloud as well so keep on making stuff :)

  6. Hey dude, hope I'm not overstepping the mark or anything here, but I couldn't help but fiddle with your "Shrine of Destiny" mix after hearing it earlier today - here's the mix http://www.tindeck.com/listen/qqwj

    That's just the kind of thing I was wanting it to turn into when I heard it, and I don't even know if the bass notes are correct, but I just did it pretty rushed so as to give you some ideas. Could do a bit of a collab if you're interested, but really it didn't take me long so I wouldn't want to take any credit for your awesome tune, also I'm going away for a month from Monday so won't be online.

    Take from this what you will, and good luck with the mix :)

  7. Hey dude, thanks for the add! I made this as an example of how awesome your beat is, and how well it works as a hip-hop base. Hope you like it! http://tindeck.com/listen/yiyk

  8. Hey I just watched your RCT3 video - takes me back! I used to love that game. I did some music videos using it back in the day (DarkS1m on YouTube), were you ever on the Atari forums?

  9. Hey mate, welcome to OCR! Saw you post in zircon's thread, pretty awesome stuff eh?

  10. Hey, glad you liked it! I'm using Ableton Live though not FL, but I can talk you through what I did to get it sounding like that though if you like. Then again, if you let me know what the bass notes should be I can get those sorted in like 5 minutes... I didn't really spend much time trying to figure them out :(

  11. Hey, took your comments on board and came up with this http://www.tindeck.com/listen/ihzh - the snare's got a bit more punch but a bit less volume, and everything else is balanced and panned a little better. Thanks for the credit in the thread as well :)

    Won't be on the forums for a while but should have access to facebook so can chat on there, catch you soon

  12. I... but... um... I HAVE TO PRESS ZE BUTTONS!

  13. OK cheers, I've uploaded a new version at http://www.tindeck.com/listen/idte - I've added an extra melody/harmony type thing in the higher frequency range, and extended it by 12 bars to add in a final conclusion to the song with everything put together. I think it sounds pretty cool, what you reckon?

  14. Posted a reply - it's coming on nicely! Thanks for your feedback on my tune too. I've updated it quite a lot but taking a break from it for a bit so I can go back to it refreshed.

  15. Would you believe it, I have actual WORK to be doing! Might get on in 20 mins if I can!

  16. Yeah man, still up for the project!

  17. You have 99 friends so I just have to send you a request :D

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