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  1. I just want to echo the sentiment of the admins running a pair (trio?) of damn fine servers (except that one stretch where they kept dying, but nobody's perfect).
  2. Sorry bud. Opened 'em. And got a description tag out of one.
  3. Given how long I've played, I should probably know this already, but why is the pillar considered a "good" hat? Is it rarity? The silliness of it? The almost sarcastic take on Hat Fortress 2? Or just that it makes snipers have to think about where they're aiming?
  4. This. Nobody should be forced to put up with the n-word on a daily basis while playing a bloody video game (and on this server, they aren't thankfully), and logically, nobody should be forced to put up with gay/fag/homo etc either. "Grow a thicker skin" is just a lazy condoning of the problem for the sake of social smoothness. A line has to be drawn somewhere. To me, 'Not Srs Bizness' equates to friendly games of TF2. It does not equate to allowing someone to insult my sexuality, whatever it may be, just because I am horribly bad at the game, and then justifying it by way of "lol everyone does it lighten up lol"
  5. God dammit how many times am I going to miss free gifts? D:
  6. Why do you keep saying that? Did I miss something?
  7. In other news, thanks to Bardic for that suggestion of poking the irc channel(s) about a versus game of l4d2. It seems to work, and I got a few new people on my list I can poke about playing if me and my friends need some people to fill out slots.
  8. Thank you, that's the reason I was looking for. Makes more sense now. I'm not questioning the rule. Vimk's responses were coming off as "grrr hate music do not want screw the rest of you". Which is why I asked about the client-side muting.
  9. I agree that this would be annoying in this case (or if you're trying to hear game sounds or something), but at the same time, I have to ask, why not just mute the music-spammer, if the rest of the group (or most of them anyway) are enjoying it?
  10. Practically my entire list is OCR people. That'd be cool, assuming it works right.
  11. When I boot the game, I do notice it has a list of "group servers" at the bottom (and I'm in the official L4D2 group). Maybe they fixed it? Iunno. I still wanna play with you guys though D:
  12. One has to consider that l4d2 doesn't lend itself to playing on a specific server unless you use console commands. I don't even know if you can favorite l4d/l4d2 servers and have it launch the game from the steam server list like you can with tf2.
  13. Off topic, but would any of you wonderful people like to get a L4d2 versus matchup going occasionally? I know it's old hat but I'd like to play with you (and against you) instead of hoping for non-pubstomp (I learned a new word today, mommy!) games. No idea what the overlap is between TF2 and L4d2 around here though.
  14. Oh dear. Whatever will the Canadians do? Unrelated: Me and a couple of friends are doing all the L4D/2 campaigns tonight around midnight central, though we started yesterday and got through death toll before about 3AMish... Anyway, we'd love to have a fourth if anyone's interested.
  15. Hey, Team 1 people/leaders: I just checked the match page for the UGLY match and it looks like someone didn't confirm the time we wanted, so we got defaulted to a time of Oct 10 at 4:00 (whatever time that is). I don't know if it really matters, but might want to check that out.
  16. I'm new to this, so as an auxiliary, what do I need to do/be doing when the match time rolls around?
  17. I vote in favor of a Saxon Hale server. In fact, I vote fifty times in favor.
  18. Well, last time we did this I was the Indigo member. That's what I meant. But I'm entirely not serious so no biggie.
  19. Hey now, I was Indigo before Indigo was cool. Whippersnapper.
  20. Fireslash said register on that site and then contact you. So uh, consider yourself contacted?

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