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  1. Figures I'd finally try to log into this server and it's outdated.
  2. I get it now, but honestly, in my 500 (not saying much around here I know) hours of playing, I've never seen it come into play in any serious fashion. Hence my somewhat "WTF are they talking about" response.
  3. Wait, so because there's a big honkin' weapon on the right side of the screen for most classes, that provides an advantage? Am I the only one that strafes corners?
  4. Amusing note: After playing those mirror maps, I went out of my computer room to go the bathroom, which is to the right, except I went left. I kid you not.
  5. Occasionally I play on other servers. And then I see that as usual, they're full of d-bags. Thank you OCRTF2 for existing.
  6. Any news on the issue with Steel crashing the server?
  7. Played a bit of KF last night for the first time, with Gamemaster, obsidian, and !!. That game is definitely not a L4D clone. It is also holy crap crazy.
  8. This is the best thing in the history of best things.
  9. Moar customz. Edit: Oh wow. Silly caps fail. The board auto-cased them.
  10. I assume you took into account that some of the official (not custom) maps are listed as custom? I know Coldfront was listed as custom long after it became an official map. Also, finally, no more eternal Upward sessions on RED.
  11. I've only cared about three hats, really: The Ushanka, which I got as a random drop (woot). The Safe'n'sound, which I bartered for and love to death. And the Familiar Fez, which I recently crafted. Everything else is just decoration.
  12. I bought Chime because it seemed like it could be fun. Haven't played it yet because I forgot to yesterday. Too much TF2 fun. I've had AAAaAaAaaaaa for ages though. Need to get on that one.
  13. Is RUSE any good? At least from a single player perspective? Also, anyone here like Alien Swarm? I'm looking to play with some of you if you do. I dislike playing with random people generally. I played it some when it came out (pretty much to get the hat), but then just went back to playing TF2. So yeah, LFG to play Alien Swarm with
  14. While I understand the idea, it should be noted that the Social Groups are apparently highly ignorable. For instance, much about the highlander tourney has been discussed here, but the social group thread hasn't been updated at all in ages. Just a thought. So GM, please post here if you are going to set up another testing session at least. Otherwise I imagine hardly anyone will pay attention.
  15. Aw crap, I missed the test run of this mod? D:
  16. There's typically a group playing every night. I tend to wait until there are at least 10 though, otherwise it's kind of a tame game unless everyone's melee-only or doing fun off-topic stuff. Honestly surprised nobody's playing right now since it's Sunday.
  17. I'm good anytime pretty much. Just not on thanksgiving or friday. Too much stuffing.
  18. Boy this is going to be interesting tomorrow. If it's not jumbled times it's potential for extreme ping. Woof.
  19. Barring unforeseen meteoroids, I can make that time and date.
  20. Mouse-wise, I still use an old Logitech MouseMan Optical. Still kickin' after 10 years.
  21. I know we have a few military people that play with us, so I just wanted to post here and say thank you for your service.
  22. Edit: Thanks to Rambo, I have the masks I needed. Yay! All Halloween 'cheeves completeded.
  23. Aww, not even the event tonight, Paranoid? D:
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