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  1. The Sandvich needed nerfing? REALLY?
  2. Bloody useful spy blocker? eh, I got nuthin'. In an unrelated query, anyone here play Synergy? There's a few maps a friend and I want to try but I think they require at least 3 people.
  3. Server's really starting to feel dead. Looking at the HLstats graph is sad.
  4. Happy new year, everyone. Have a fantastic 2012.
  5. Totally. Wasted that popcorn from earlier.
  6. Seven tries but I finally crafted a Eureka Effect. BOOYAH. And then the Pomson dropped in one. I was like
  7. Happy Christmas and holidays and whatnot everyone. Emphasis on the happy.
  8. I am totally down for WarioWare night.
  9. So, I dunno if this is the gift I was supposed to get as part of the new contest's first objective, but I have a steam coupon for 50% off anything Valve-published. That said, I already own everything Valve-published, so if anyone wants it, I'm willing to trade. Unless that's what everyone got. In which case... er, how about them local sports team?
  10. Did a search and found no results so I'll just post here since it's the most likely place to get some crossover: Anyone play Nuclear Dawn? I'm having fun with it and think that if there's enough interest we could maybe get an OCR server of it going. Well, that's up to PL of course. Just a thought. And now back to your regularly scheduled TF2 hats.
  11. I believe that qualifies as a whoops.
  12. Oh a somewhat related topic, does anyone have a backpack expander I could trade some metal for? Assuming those are tradable of course.
  13. And I was just about to smelt all my excess weaponry. Phew!
  14. Prophunt was fun. Beyond that I'm not sure. Maybe that Vs. Saxton Hale mode? I've never tried it before.
  15. All seemed well on the test server for me tonight. No hiccups, good ping, all that good stuff.
  16. Considering how the hidden blades work in AC, this Sharp Dresser couldn't really use the standard knife animations. Also, I WANT THIS KNIFE TO GO WITH THE BOWTIE. (Though I will never buy a Ubisoft game on PC again, so I'll have to wait until it enters the crafting cycle)
  17. I think one had Lumpy, the other was... Dr. Waltz maybe? Argh, my memory sucks.
  18. Maybe it did a cache verification and found an error beforehand? In any case, I MUST HAVE THAT BOWTIE.
  19. I'm waiting off on Zelda until Christmas (and Batman Arkham City as well) since I kind of blew my MUST HAVE NOW budget on Sonic Generations, AC: Revelations, and Saint's Row the 3rd.
  20. I invited a few myself, but only !! took the bait. And necro seemed a little annoyed. (I only sent one invite to a given person. I'm not a jerk. )
  21. To add to this, as far as I know, it's not impolite to send game invites to people on your list, so when you join, send out some invites and see who bites. Unless they're skyrimming or something. Aw heck, even then. Also, thanks Lyrai for the gogglestash!
  22. xerozohar, same as my forum id. I thought I already had you friended but I guess not.
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