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  1. This was my favorite song of the Xenogears track and I wasn't expecting it to sound so DAMN good! I had to replay it twice, since some parts sounded to be quite off tempo. I got through it and feel in love. It's sound is just as relaxing and ambient as the original, and it's a completely refreshingly different arrangement. Extra nice submission! OCR needed this one!
  2. Kefka with cotton candy at an amusement park is how I describe this jingling melody. It's so happy and fun-filled! Dancing in my seat with this mix!!
  3. My second fav BubbleMan Mix all soaped up! I like the arrangement and it's got a great sound. I could groove to this all day! Nice beat and a bit of trance... AE still has it!
  4. I love this mix! It's fun, and cool. It is my fav out of all the Bubbleman remixes so far! Definately Bubbly!! Disco Dan did it again. Just wished I had commented on it sooner...So behind on the good stuff!
  5. to this day since joining OCR, this is still my favorite remix of the classic MM3 theme. Some say it's repetitive, but dammit, I'm still dancing!! this is still the best!
  6. I wasn't prepared to hear this mix. I really wasn't expecting a variety of instruments nor was I ready for the quick jump to the guitar-laced tribute to a classic track from the original game. The beautiful fade... One word to sum of it up....Damn...!
  7. Loved it!!! This is so smooth... still bobbing the head. Keep it coming! "I stare at the stars in the sky up above..." Hell, mother even loves it!
  8. As probably stated before, I was never musically gifted. To hear a great piece from my favorite Shinobi game is like a blessing. The genre swap is was really impressed me. I wish I could hear more mixes from this game...
  9. OMG! This was beautiful. Very cinematic if I must say and moved me to the point of tears, but instead I smilled: Should have been at the end of FFVII. Very nice, Rusell!
  10. It has probably been said already... SEPHIROTH In Kingdom Hearts!!
  11. You know, I was starting to think how SNK Games haven't been getting any attention and here comes this lovely arrangment. I was instantly in love the moment it started to play, and from that point I have to go and break out my Neo Geo and play LB and LB2. <sniff> I have forgotten...How Beautiful!! Sorry KOF, but for the moment I had to rekindle the love. Thanks for such a beautiful mix. My mother likes it, too!
  12. You know, the Floating Continent was and crazy place to begin along with its theme song. then along came this piece. I had to listen to it again just to make sure I hadn't lost MY mind. All I can say is...WHOA! Who'd thought this would become one of my favs. (Who'd thought to mix this song from FFVI?) Nice job, Mustin!
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