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  1. I was scared to hear this song, considering that the original is my favorite one on the game. Held my breath when Winamp started... I have to say that this was good! I love the piano and that extra touch with the Destati theme. An instant add-on to my playlist! Great work!
  2. This is so wonderfully done! Definitely in the way of the pirate! Hardly Pirates of Dark Water, but mainly Pirates of the Carribean and it worked! The arrangements were on point and it felt like an epic journey! One of my newer favorites, definitely a beautiful job on this!
  3. Never even heard of the game, but this sounds pretty good. A catchy, upbeat tune and as someone else said, it is kinda of reminiscent of "Space Lion" from Cowboy Bebop. Pretty cool. Recommended.
  4. Fourth week on this and I'm still loving it! I can't believe how great this is: the guitar, the bell piano...Everything! Wish there was more bass, though. Thanks for this wonderful piece!
  5. I didn't think the 'Silence' theme was going to work in piano, but after listening I found that I can still enjoy this song! Nice stuff! Silence in piano... Damn.
  6. This was excellent and I love the voice samples. This was an instant favorite! Great Stuff!
  7. I like this very much, thank you! I always liked the ending song, but for Star to add lyrics to this made it cool! I particularly liked the lyrics because it represented to me what a hardcore MM player goes through while trying to beat the games. Star, I love you for this!
  8. I had to listen to this a few times to discover how I really felt about this mix outside of the title, a touchy subject for many. I paid close attention to the lyrics and have few other listen to it. I was still stumped on how to reply. I don't know maybe too much usage of the word "niggaz," but after catching myself humming the chorus around the house I've come to the conclusion that I like it. So to give my two cents-- It's catchy and innovative. The rhyme was good, too (Nice work! ). This is a pretty clean mix and I think could be an OCR classic!
  9. I still can't believe I haven't review this one yet and it's still on my playlist after 7 months! While it may sound very close to the original I enjoyed the orchestral pieces. I love this piece so much, it just can't be said enough. Great Job!
  10. I thought this mix was prrety cool. Really upbeat and funky! I never imagined this kind of spin to be put on the only song on the 8-bit cart I deemed worthy of likng! Disco Funk w/ a bit of Daft Punk! It's cool!
  11. I'm like Zaphlin; threw it in the playlist and ran it. I was like "Damn!" (while bobbing my head) Nice epic feel and I didn't mind the SFX too much, since I never played the game, either. Worked for my imagination! Great composition!
  12. This remix is fun and sweet! For some reason it reminded me of the ending theme to "Big Trouble In Little China." Real catchy tune. Never played the game, but I was a fan of the character.
  13. This was one of the first remixes that I ever dowloaded and it is STILL the only remix that gets looped to death in the house. It's so easy to chill too and get lost the th ambient sound. It was the only song on DKC that I liked! High recommended!
  14. A special ochestrated piece that holds a certain place in the mind. I agree with DJP's comments at 1:44. It's a good arrangement. Nice stuff! Russell is one of my favs!
  15. Damn. Peeples has just destroyed half the love I had for the original track. Peeples has a way of doing that, though. I forgave him even time. This is so dammit beautiful!!
  16. Garage band...different. Definitely different. This mix is cool, except for the part with the crappy fart-like noises.
  17. Another memorable tune...that could use some more bass. Not a whole lot or this mix would be finished! I liked the trancy part at 3:36 and the inclusion of the whip sounds. A nice mix.
  18. Great for riding up a 20-story building and cleaning the house! No, really it's a pretty good mix that I like to kick back on the couch and read a quick insert of a book. It IS lounge music and a busy one at that. Nice.
  19. I had this one around in the drive for a while, though I'm quite behind on reviews this one desevres to get some words! I really like this one. Bloody Tears is just oe of those tracks that you like instantly. I don't get much rock in my life. but can recognize when something is just plain good. Gets my vote for a must-have!
  20. Did Pat Metheny suddenly pop in a mix on OCR? I almost thought he did! My brother and I were listening to this this one and we just looked at each other. We both said the same thing: "Damn..." Nice acoustic representation of one of my favorite MGS2 songs and this one was deep. So much feeling in it and since I felt so compelled to have that flow in my home, it was looped on my stereo for five hours! I almost want to cry over the goodness...almost.
  21. I love this one! Such a smooth, jazzy mix of the original. I had to have ths one! I will say, however, when listening to this piece it is indeed lacking "something," but I'm not too sure what. It just seems a bit bland. It's very good, still. A welcomed addition. There's a lot of Zelda jazz here. Hmm...
  22. I enjoyed this very much and it was like "wow, nice first entry!" *nods head* A slow theatrical ending to what could have been another FF movie. I like how around 2:39 Aria de Mezzo Carate flows in and then exits smoothly back into Rachael's theme. A beautiful moving piece. Nice work!
  23. I love this song, the calaboration, the intro...ALL OF IT! *remembering when mother taught her how to dance to Salsa...* You guys, I LOVE YOU!
  24. I'm getting so attached to Dale's stuff as of late. This one piece made the most stupid grin appear on my face. How he blended the "Mario" theme in an out of "Sleigh Ride"... I couldn't have imagine this in a million years. This is a great tune and a surprise for christmas coming!! (though I'm extra late for this review) Man, this band is sweet!!
  25. Nice and jazzy, though I though the lead synth was loud at first. Reminded me of when I first heard McVaffe's 'London Drizzle.' Ah sweet nostalgia, though I think this one had more depth and the sax was on! Easy new favorite.
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