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  1. Odai are you available to chat on Skype about SoA album stuff between 1 and 3 EST today? My contact info is exobyte28

    1. Drawn by Dai

      Drawn by Dai

      Hi Modus,
      Not sure how that translates to GMT, but I think it's 5 hours difference if I remember correctly. just checking it out. If that's 1pm-3pm EST, that's pretty much imminent, in which case I may be able to jump in towards the end. Hands are tied with cooking dinner and putting the kids to bed at the moment. I'm not saying no, but I'll try and jump in the moment I'm available. Is that OK? Don't want to miss the meeting.

  2. About that Kingkiller book I mentioned before, it's actually very good. It gets progressively better until the very last page.. read dat shit.

  3. Any career updates, friendish? The term "ecto jams" isn't going to coin itself.

    Yo, crank it, this is my ecto jam

  4. apparently "spar" from breath of fire 2. never played, just thought it looked cool. would not recommend google images.. after you made me curious I checked and it's just a bunch of hentai. thanks a lot.

  5. Are the grumps your friend on Miiverse? I has no Wii U yet.

  6. Awesome! That concentration on Commercial music is a good idea and will look great to employers. You know in the creative industry I've found that being a QUICK producer with a knack for finding solutions will give you enough value for good employment. Most people aren't quick with technology. Best of luck man, catch you around forums :]


    In a totally not science field. Wait I can market my videos as science!?!? mmm...

  8. Bro those scanlines in your sig make me feeeel things. good things.

  9. Bro, you make some of the best sigs I've ever seen. Props.

  10. Congrats on Pikachu status.

  11. DEN ATTA DEN!! Seriously, that's super cool :D

  12. DEN ATTA DEN!! Seriously, that's super cool :D

  13. did you ask Protodome about doing your pixel art? He did halc's covers.. he's especially good with environments.

  14. Did you see my request in the MLP thread? Are you able to do something like that? Know someone that can? I can't do teh shading :[

  15. Modus

    Did you see the FL Studio Remix Gauntlet competition? Is that something you might wanna do?

  16. do you ever lose subscribers as soon as you post something? :|

  17. Do you guys play Chivalry as a group? I'd like a group that communicates for the scenario-based modes

  18. Modus

    do you have more tracks than the ones listed on SoundCloud somewhere? i'm seriously addicted.

  19. Do you still hate the bubble bobble theme? I totally want to remix it but not if I'm submitting it to a bubbly-chiptune-hating judge ;_; Sorry.. I'll go settle down now...

  20. Excellent! I posted in your thread but I'm wondering.. how come you don't post releases in the Community forum? You'd get a little more exposure there.

  21. Got my new GIF sig up. Oooh, shiny :]

  22. hah.. thanks for reminding me of calvin and Hobbes, the only comic strip series I ever liked.

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