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  1. I'm still gonna make you that video. I dunno when but you'll get it someday and it shall be glorious. for now, I'm on my PC while the CPU literally roasts at 98 celsius... downclocked. ok bai.

  2. did you ask Protodome about doing your pixel art? He did halc's covers.. he's especially good with environments.

  3. hah.. thanks for reminding me of calvin and Hobbes, the only comic strip series I ever liked.

  4. Do you still hate the bubble bobble theme? I totally want to remix it but not if I'm submitting it to a bubbly-chiptune-hating judge ;_; Sorry.. I'll go settle down now...

  5. Yep, thats the plan! thanks for providing the links.

  6. Modus

    oh, please do... eager is not a strong enough word :)

  7. Modus

    do you have more tracks than the ones listed on SoundCloud somewhere? i'm seriously addicted.

  8. hi, I just had to stop by and say that i adore your New Technology track for the Tales album. i listen to it pretty often even after so long

  9. Got my new GIF sig up. Oooh, shiny :]

  10. lol. I was excited to make a GIF using the new After Effects Roto tool :] I'm gonna change it though.. I want it to be more sleek but still GIF.

    And yeah i've been posting a lot lately. Love the community.

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