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  1. It's just your mom's multiple accounts!



  2. Soundcloud bro

  3. do you ever lose subscribers as soon as you post something? :|

  4. lol that fucking burn on Bleck

  5. Impossible shapes are infuriating, nice sig

  6. Sorry about the rejection but I'm glad you're staying optimistic, as you should. Yes, definitely send it my way when the time comes. It might actually be mutual because I've been working on a fantasy novel too. We could exchange both ways if the timing ends up right. Feel free to chat any time, later!

  7. How is your novel going? Is there anything I could still read and help out with? I read halfway with the script you gave me then life caught up :[

  8. sweet entry d[ -.o]

  9. Do you guys play Chivalry as a group? I'd like a group that communicates for the scenario-based modes

  10. Your remix for the FL compo was great man. I'm still listening to it :]

  11. I already had someone onboard then THEY recruited a third before you got back to me :[ I'll keep you posted in case one of them falls through and a spot opens.

  12. Team up for FL Remix Gauntlet?

  13. Modus

    Did you see the FL Studio Remix Gauntlet competition? Is that something you might wanna do?

  14. Naw, I'm still asking around

  15. wanna team ^ for FL gauntlet?

  16. Oh my god dude.. I just watched your chicken episode on a whim and I effing love you. Seriously I never expected to be so entertained by that. Please make more and I'll promote it to my friends and family. seriously, that ending..

  17. I forgot why I came here after seeing Brandon's visitor message, because I died laughing.

  18. DEN ATTA DEN!! Seriously, that's super cool :D

  19. DEN ATTA DEN!! Seriously, that's super cool :D

  20. Are the grumps your friend on Miiverse? I has no Wii U yet.

  21. Excellent! I posted in your thread but I'm wondering.. how come you don't post releases in the Community forum? You'd get a little more exposure there.

  22. Make sure you give me the release date when you have one! Seriously :P

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