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  1. Oh just school, so much school. Ahh why won't it end? Sometimes I use your music to go into a zenlike state of escapism.

    Anything exciting going on with you?

  2. Yea I start school Monday.. back to the grind. But cool, take your time

  3. If I knew you from around the forums, I'd say OK but you have like 50 posts. Sorry but I'd rather lose the deal than risk it based on past experience. My offer to set up an eBay transaction stands. You'd be covered under Paypal protection and could file a dispute if something went wrong. If you need time to think about it or sniff out my reputation, that's cool. The other people interested haven't contacted me for days.

  4. It has smudges, that's really it - what you'd expect from a year of use and nothing more. Clean picture.

    I'd have to get a shipping quote for you and add that to the price. I only do Paypal for online transactions and I don't ship until I get payment. I've been screwed over twice so I just don't take chances anymore. Nothing personal obviously. If you want eBay's protection I can set up a Buy It Now auction, up to you.

  5. No, but I have a couple people interested tbh. not sure how serious they are.

  6. My brother wants me to put in a request for remix dis:


    I never thought I'd like a Mario Party track, but this one's pretty alright.

  7. About that Kingkiller book I mentioned before, it's actually very good. It gets progressively better until the very last page.. read dat shit.

  8. I will buy this game, buy it with money! ty.

  9. Hey I'm curious what your sig is referring to. Is it from a certain FF I haven't played, I wonder..

  10. Did you see my request in the MLP thread? Are you able to do something like that? Know someone that can? I can't do teh shading :[

  11. probably best sig on internet

  12. Hey, are you fluent enough in Japanese to translate some things into both spoken and written form? I have one or two projects on the backburner that might benefit from that.

  13. Bro, you make some of the best sigs I've ever seen. Props.

  14. Thanks, wish I could say I made it >.>

  15. Modus

    is your name based of Dyne from SoA?

  16. I look forward to your boob signature every day

  17. I wanna thank you for that massive post you made in the OWS thread a long time ago. I decided to do a class presentation on the subject and all that info you laid out was HUGELY helpful.

  18. lol, I understand now. I was a bit confused about the situation.

  19. I know. I didn't make it, but pretend I did.

  20. Hi. random forum-goer wanting to drop by and give props on your new SoundCloud material. HIRAMEKI blowin' my mind.

  21. apparently "spar" from breath of fire 2. never played, just thought it looked cool. would not recommend google images.. after you made me curious I checked and it's just a bunch of hentai. thanks a lot.

  22. new song on my cloudy sounds. if you need to put it down, i'd wait about a week until after i settle down from the joy of actually finishing something. kthx

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