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  1. This is really, really late, and isn't really important since this is just the music, not the story, but I think as far as pacing is concerned, a wiser decision for the script of the movie would've been to leave in an initial trip through time rather than jumping straight into the saving the future mode, and instead cutting the Masamune story (or putting some variation of the Masamune bit at the start if it was considered absolutely necessary.) It's just a deal of pacing and characterization is all; just wanted to mention it since it was on my mind after looking over things . I can't wait to h
  2. The new version is excellent. I was critical about the other versions, but this one is perfect. Great job to you and Pixietricks.
  3. This is going really great. I'm glad there's a progess-site as well so we can keep checking it out. I still think To Far Away Times needs another instrument to keep momentum, but if it's not noticable by anyone else, then I guess it's just a personal thing. Keep up the good work.
  4. That makes me think I downloaded an earlier version, as there weren't any vocals in the one I heard.
  5. I have no education in music, so I can't do anything to help you guys. But as a music lover (partiuclarly of Chrono Trigger), I just want to express my immense appreciation for you guys undergoing this project. Keep up the excellent work everyone; you're doing the musical world a great justice. If I might make one suggestion though: I think the To Far Away Times WIP could use more to it. It has the main stuff in piano, but I think it could use a constant beat as heard in the background of the original track, and then at points have another instrument join for the main theme for very brief inte
  6. I'm a bit late in this, but, I don't think this needed to be more innovative. For every decent mix that severely alters the base theme, there's a really crappy one. I think it's a relief that someone decided to basically orchestrate and blend, rather than going completely ape-s*** with it. While those turn out good sometimes, there's no shortage of them. It's nice to get something true to its source for a change.
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