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  1. I really like Orkybash remixes and this one is no exception, nice work!
  2. Haven`t heard the original song yet but this is a good one, I especially like the guitarmelody
  3. Very catchy melody and I find myself listening to it over and over again. Just my 2 cents
  4. I love the melody and the remix is done very well. Really nice work
  5. I haven`t heard the original soundtrack to this game yet but I really think this is a nice song with a catchy melody and definitely is worth downloading!
  6. Yeah, it`s not a groundbreaking trance mix but it`s really good though
  7. This one really kicks ass! Perfect russian melodies and harmonies, I simply love it
  8. I see some people here don`t like this one but I think it`s cool with this raw sound. I`m also a fan to heavy metal and this sounds like a good song made of a local garageband in a crappy studio with limited time in it, which means the quality isn`t the best. Anyway, I enjoy it!
  9. I really like this one, the beginning talk was a little annoying the first times I listened to it but I`m used to it now, nice work
  10. First of all I must say that I really liked the soundtrack in the original game and also the game itself! This remix is based on one of the best songs in the game, in my opinion, and it`s really well done altough I personally could`ve survived without the voice sample that`s played a couple of times
  11. Yeah, I also liked this one, perfect for Halloween! I like these dark, scary tunes so this is like candy for me
  12. I agree with you guys, this is definitely the best remix I`ve downloaded from this site! It`s perfect, nothing more to say really
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