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  1. Hey, dude. I've made a lot of changes in my life and reconsidered what's really important to me. The internet isn't the place for me anymore. I'm trying to simplify my life as much as possible and keep things at arm's length. This is what happens when I read too many books about Eastern philosophy :P

  2. Actually, yes, haha. I'll be releasing a 5 track chip rock soundtrack this coming Friday, and then a few days after that, I'll be releasing about 20 tracks on another soundtrack. I've got a Yoshi's Island remix coming out on GameChops in a couple of weeks. Aaaaand Ben Briggs and I are working on another remix album. But what I really want to do next is a SNES prog album which already has a couple cool wips going for it. ecto jams are coming :D

  3. Experiment. Don't confine your thought process to "this is a dubstep track" or "this is an orchestral track" unless that's specifically what you want to write. That is, unless you WANT to become a specialist or if you WANT to perfect a particular style on its own. Writing music in general is what is important. Just let it flow naturally as you write. Easier said than done, but it's what I try to do, and I'm still improving using that approach.

  4. that was awesome!!!! good work, dude :D it's like you went to school for this stuff or something.

  5. I've got them underneath my monitors now, and they do their job nicely :D

  6. the ufc tune was a joke. the fact it's still the ufc's theme song is deliciously bad.

  7. Ohhhh man, I am excited for those, haha. Nah, Ben is up this round. I'll be getting my Disney on next week.

  8. Why don't you post anything loving on my wall :(

  9. Yeeep, I've used them a ton. Whenever you redo them, let me know!

  10. well, the advantage of mastering your own music is getting it to sound the way you want it to sound. i don't buy that whole "unbiased perspective thing" so long as you're a competent producer. the advantage of someone else mastering it is getting it to sound the way someone else wants to sound. sometimes that different perspective is what you *really* wanted all along, but you couldn't possibly have conceived of the other guy's vision for the tune, so you didn't *know* that was the sound you wanted. other times, the other person's master of your work will sound completely wrong to you.

  11. also, a little compression on the master (totaling about 4-6 db of gain reduction with no more than that much makeup gain + a moderate to long attack and release like 30-40 and 250-400 ms respectively and a soft knee -- just as much transparency as possible) does wonders for bringing out the quiet parts of the whole mix and suppressing some of the peaks which hurt the balance of the mix. i add this compressor after my master gain reducer to bring down my rms (any plugin with a gain control works), and i usually toss it in after i've laid down the first fleshed-out part of my track. pretty early on.

  12. we can have a little heart-to-heart.

    but briefly, in my opinion, the key is in mixing at a low master bus rms (like -10 db to -20 db) so you can avoid triggering the limiter while mixing. the power in this technique is that it allows you to balance the levels of each track as best as possible because the limiter is not obfuscating the dynamics of the track. being that level balancing is the most important part of mixing, it doesn't much matter if you're familiar with eq, mb compression, etc. if you can't balance levels, all the other techniques are just different ways to polish a turd.

  13. What if I just teach you?

  14. i would say that whenever i post things, i end up with a net gain of subscribers :D

  15. lose subscribers on what???

  16. Welp, you figured out the origin story for my name for the most part. My intention was to make a construct for "blood of the outsider," but I was being hasty and made it ectogemia instead a better translation, xenoseme. But I think ectogemia is a lot more unusual than xenoseme. Xenoseme also sounds kinda final boss-y and cheesy... not what I was going for.

  17. I do in fact know something about blood, haha. Quite a few somethings. And that shot of me on the forums is me doing a little simulated surgery, awwww yeaaahhh.

  18. Gotcha. Sorry if I came of a little harsh in the thread! I'm open to talk about biochemistry and nutrition any time, so long as you're open-minded and willing to actually read the studies I cite :P

  19. Maybe it'd be cool if I went to school at a space academy or a super hero school, buuuut...

    anywayz, how's life on the Salluz front?

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