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  1. Let's also not forget that everyone is entitled to their own voting criteria Also, HL makes a good point because his music is the shit, but he doesn't rely heavily on flashy production or modern sounds. There's certainly a tipping point on the axis between quality production and quality arrangement. I don't think anyone is judging tunes based solely on a single factor, but certainly, we all weigh things differently.
  2. I agree that production is an extremely important part of this and any competition. Unless you're writing chiptunes (and even then...), production is an essential part of creating a really memorable, listenable tune. In fact, my primary musical goals for months now have been to focus on production, and now that I have a fairly strong grasp on it, I feel much more musically capable than I ever have.
  3. Here's a spicy tune I wrote for the WCRG compo. Links to the two sources are below. What do YOU PEOPLE think?
  4. Actually, I've done my whole bulk with intermittent fasting. I'll be the first to tell you how effective it is. On the other hand, I'll also be the first to tell you how miserable it is to bulk while doing IF. Cutting is no biggie on IF, but bulking sucks because I consume like 3500 calories in 8 hours, and that is not easy or comfortable to do. The benefit is that I've gained no more than probably 5-7 lbs of fat after putting on 43 lbs so far this bulk. But I wouldn't say I feel "like crap" too often on IF. Sometimes, yeah, if I really push it with eating more than I should too soon, but generally, it's just somewhat uncomfortable Still not a great thing, but you have to keep your eyes on the prize when bulking anyway. It's never fun to eat several thousand calories each day, haha, fasting or not. Regarding research, it's all on pubmed. Just search for intermittent fasting. Or just ask me whichever questions are on your mind!
  5. My man. ;o I've been thinking this as long as I've been writing music. That being said, it takes more skill to weave two unrelated sources seamlessly, but yeah, I have 0 preference for that vs. using the source tunes successively, both as a writer and as a listener. Also, I love this WCRG I think it has the most talent of any OCR compo I've ever seen, plus we've had some nice, gentlemanly debates. Fun shit, so fart! Not even gonna fix that typo.
  6. I posted a breakdown because Larry got upset with me that I didn't include breakdowns in the two tracks I've had evaluated by the judges' panel Then again, those were super liberal interpretations (also coincidentally both from the last WCRG compo). The one I submitted to the compo this week, however, was a pretty good balance of source and original, I think. Sooo yeah, I just posted the breakdown for convenience for anyone who was interested rather than for defending my remix I know mah arrangement is fiiine, girl *triple snap* I'm also excited. I love me some Tuberztunez <3. Future OCR/chiptune scene star. You heard it here first, folks.
  7. Sounds like a little music theory would set ya straight There's a limited number of chords out there (if we're keeping things simple), and scales follow consistent patterns of intervals. Spend a week or so really drilling the intervals found in basic triads and 7th chords and also common scales like the major scale, minor scale, harmonic minor scale, and pentatonic/blues scale. That should make it pretty simple to identify the key of a song and even to figure out the chords. Each chord has a "quality" to it (major/happy vs. minor/sad) as well, so that helps to narrow down which chord is being used in a piece of source material (are you hearing a happpy or sad-sounding chord? The answer will narrow down the notes/intervals which can be in the chord). Checking out the figured bass/Roman numeral system of chords in a scale is a really helpful tool when writing chords because it puts each chord in a natural scale into context with respect to "quality". So a major scale is w-w-h-w-w-w-h (w = whole step; h = half step), and the figured bass representation of the triad chord scale (playing the scale in order where each tone is the root of a triad) would be I-ii-iii-IV-V-vi-viio where a capital is a major traid, a lower-case is a minor triad, and the o means it's a diminished triad. 95% of the time, when the chord changes, the next note in the melody is going to be either the root or 3rd of the chord beneath it, sometimes the 5th or 7th, but only occasionally a different interval. Things get dicier when you add in 7ths, but with triads, that's nearly always true. The biggest exception to that is probably suspensions in which the melody or chord may have a 2nd or 4th instead of a 3rd going on until the suspension resolves into a 3rd. Ok, I'm babbling at this point, but you catch my drift. Also keep in mind that the last point I tried to make about deriving the chord from the melody isn't always going to work in more creatively composed pieces Gotta develop that ear to really hone in what you're hearing/writing. Myself, I improvised on piano a ton after I posted my first terrible remix in the workshop forum a couple of years ago to develop my ear to become a more competent musician. Nothing is more important than the ability to make sense of the music you hear through your ears and in your head.
  8. Source breakdown: 0:00-0:25: original 0:25-1:00: one of the organs is playing the first half of the Cold Man melody almost verbatim, albeit they're arranged as the root notes of various funky chords 1:00-1:52: Moliarty's Tower theme with some embellishments and harmonic interpretation + additional wankery and ornaments + the alt#9 chord in the turnaround that my Robot Master's theme and Moliarty's Tower both coincidentally share. 1:52-2:24: Cold Man's melody played as in 0:25-1:00, but everything is modulated up a minor 3rd. Original trumpet solo. 2:24-2:49: reharmonizing of the 2nd part of Cold Man with the Cold Man melody via trumpeto Yeah!
  9. Subbed. My tongue is still tingling from the spiciness of these trumpets, ouch... In other news, I agree with Shadix. Recording a session player results in an audio rendering of music the composer wrote. Sequencing samples of a player who recorded them for a library results in an audio rendering of music the composer wrote. The only difference is the quality of the end product where a session recording will sound more organic. I don't think it's that important that the person who records the part is on your team so long as the primary arranger wrote the whole part (minus embellishments and articulations added naturally by the player).
  10. I'm mastering my tune right now in case anyone wants to watch. www.twtich.tv/ectogemia
  11. HAppy birfday to the older brother I never had (if we're pretending I don't already have an older brother).
  12. Well, I'm almost done. Another 2-3 hours tomorrow for polishing and mastering, and we've got ourselves a mix. Hope u njoy. Oh, baby.
  13. iPod earbuds hooked up to my Logitech sub. Saw that rig on gearslutz, had to have it for myself. Never looking back.
  14. So what if I watched that episode earlier today? FACT: Lemongrab is the funniest character in anything, ever.
  15. Awww yeah, nice work, Ben! And sick remixes, everyone. I've got a spicy track comin' up for all of you (except Pete because he smells like robot buns). Can't waiiiiiiiit!
  16. Same. Could you reopen the votes, Darke? Make it a round 1 freebie I just assumed that the votes were due when the remixes are, and I think that's a reasonable enough assumption to give us a second chance, eh?
  17. I'm glad it wasn't well-attended I spent most of the stream fixing some poobutt error I made when copying patternts. Tomorrow... ;o
  18. I'm writing my remix now and LIVESTREAMING IT!!!! WHOAAAA!! come watch
  19. Word on the street is you're really bad at DuckTales. Like, really, really bad.
  20. School is demolishing my brain this week, but I've got a very funky 1:30 written so far with half of Cold Man and Moliarty's themes incorporated. If you're a fan of Joshua Morse, I think you'll like what I've got ;o Now to find some time to finish it...
  21. Just posting because I don't think there's enough WCRG sig art in this thread yet. HBD, also.
  22. I can show you on the doll where I touched him.
  23. It's all about what motivates you. Myself, having grown up on RPGs and the like, keeping a very, very detailed workout log each session proves to me as I watch my numbers improve from week to week (feels like leveling up) that what I'm doing is not a waste. You get used to the way your body looks since you see it every day, so little aesthetic improvements go unnoticed consistently enough that even bigger, cumulative improvements can fly under the radar. With a journal, you can be sure that you really are getting bigger and stronger IF that's your goal. For me, it is. I don't care about playing sports or competing. I want to be strong, lean, and fit. If your goals lie elsewhere, then you need to identify the metrics which are most important to you and track them over time to become a believer in the power of your own efforts. Also, TC, I think you're overdoing it. Working out TOO hard and TOO often will stagnate your fat loss AND muscle gain as a consequence of too much cortisol secretion, cortisol being the primary long-term stress hormone. Can you post a nice, detailed list of your day-to-day activities?
  24. Oooooo, yikes, bad timing, man... this is one of my best tracks so far, if not my best It's soaked in Joshua Morse juices.
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