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  1. If you were to have access to the fulltext of the study rather than just the abstract, there'd be like a 99.999% chance that the materials & methods portion of the study would tell you which creatine compound was used. Sorta like a study I remember reading which got major media coverage which "showed" how saturated fat caused heart disease in rats. I looked at the materials & methods of the fulltext, and they fed them a diet which consisted almost entirely of hydrogenated coconut oil. That's trans fat, not saturated fat. And yet the media ate up this totally unrealistic and misleading study. Surprise! So yeah, you make a good point that knowing *exactly* what was studied is very important, because that's the *only* thing a study directly speaks to. That being said, I'm still going to err on the side of caution and not use creatine simply because I get solid results without it. Don't wanna risk my locks for a little added performance boost. Besides, I eat lots of red meat which is loaded with creatine, so I'm not sure how much benefit I'd get out of supplementing. I'd bet my muscles are pretty nearly saturated with creatine granules. edit: Oops, it's in the title, haha. It was monohydrate.
  2. Here's why I don't take creatine. Creatine supplementation significantly increases DHT conversion, DHT being the hormone which leads to male-pattern baldness, among other nasty things. Anecdotally, I know people as well who have actually experienced fairly rapid, permanent hair loss after having supplemented for only a few months. That being said, it has soooo many studies supporting its efficacy in strength training. It's a matter of risk-benefit if you choose to supplement with it, and I happen to believe that the risks don't outweigh the benefits. Aaaand an update on my own gym doings... I finally started lifting again a week from Tuesday. After my 2.5 month recovery period, I lost 23 lbs. Man, that sucked to see, but honestly, it's less than I thought I had lost. But I'm feeling good, and my lifts seem to be coming back quickly, so watever. Just a big roadblock, but I'm past it, left ulna willing. Still hurts a bit during some day-to-day stuff, but it feels totally stable in the gym. I'm just hoping to be back to 186 like I was before my injury by the time MAG rolls around.
  3. ectogemia


    Thanks for the kind words, man. It always stirs my insides around when someone finds some peace in my music. What an awesome feeling.
  4. Awww yeahh. Glad you liked it, man. You were a huge inspiration for me when I first started writing music a couple of years ago, so that really means something that you like my tunes! edit: hahaha, all that praise, and I hadn't even followed you on soundcloud yet. Scumbag Ecto.
  5. Please, please check out the soundcloud version of the Pokemon track, haha. The track posted on OCR has some rendering errors which will be immediately apparent if you listen to the OCR version vs. the soundcloud version. I have nooo idea how that fell through the cracks, but it did. Oh wellz.
  6. Wow, I didn't know you operated a label. That's awesome, man, I've been a huge fan of your tunes for years. I'll definitely check it out, maybe even contribute some tunes to it one of these days.
  7. I have a wife I will gleefully be leaving behind for MAGFESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. DO IT!!!!!!11
  8. I doubt we could get the support for a remix album for UN Squadron cobbled together since it's a pretty obscure game, but I've loved it for as long as I can remember, and yes, it has *awesome* music (except for the world map, haha, it's just Chocolate Rain, note for note, rhythm for rhythm). I'll definitely remix it sometime down the road, but it'll probably be a while before I get to it.
  9. Either the bassline or the chord progression. Nothing sets the mood quite like those two elements.`
  10. Welp, I consider myself a pretty seasoned FL user, but I'm sure there's plenty for me to learn in these tuts. So many workflow approaches O_O
  11. I'm right there with the artist formerly known as sir jordanius. Music is my center and has been for quite a while. That center has taken on new significance and depth ever since I started writing my own music a couple of years ago. It's always been a very spiritual thing for me as it has a visceral effect on me which nothing else has been able to duplicate. There's something really powerful and fulfilling about imagining a sound and then realizing it starting with the trusty ol' starting material of silence.
  12. Does anyone have any experience with this audio ear training regimen? Any thoughts or futher recommendations on other, similar programs? What I've read looks pretty encouraging. And if anyone has the CDs lying around unused, I'll gladly buy them from you ;o edit: woop, woop, just found this similar program which is available for $free.00. Still, though, if you've got the Golden Ears stuff lying around, let me know!
  13. Welp, my arms are finally healed. Man, I'm terrified to see how much mass I've dropped. It's gotta be near 30 lbs. The life of a hardgainer Oh well, back to the gym later this week. Gotta re-embark on my quest 4 strength. Hopefully, I can get back to where I was by the time MAGFest rolls around.
  14. Ocean's Andrew? More like Older Andrew. Happy birthday, man.
  15. HEY. Theory and aural shit are BOTH cool. I'm not a formally trained musician, so I don't quite have the perspective you dewds do, but shit if I haven't gotten a ton out of learning about theory and training my ear in a non-academic setting. And both have been fun. I think school just sucks the life out of most things.
  16. I'm not sure I can really pick one being that my style is not to have a style. I think I tend to have more of a common substance than a common style. I suppose Snow Storm from 9-Bit Blizzard is as close as anything to defining that substance. I tend to blend chiptune elements with an overall modern soundscape, and that's really the only common theme among my tunes, and even then, it's not always my approach. Recently, I've been moving closer to chiptune-free tracks, like this latin jazz funk big band remix thing, but my roots are in chiptunes, so I'll still be working with them from time to time.
  17. Bahahah, at this point in our friendship, probably.
  18. It's the only thing I'm wearing right now. Finally, I think I can say with confidence that I'm the best video game remixing dentist in the world. 2.5 months or so, but it was a direct post from an album project, so that sorta expedited the whole process.
  19. Thanks, man! Hope you liked the tune. I have an alternate version here which I prefer over the album version in case you're interested.
  20. A friend of mine has been saying this same thing for a decade now. Seriously. Nintendo would make obscene piles of cash from this game. I could honestly see it becoming bigger than WoW was at its peak.
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