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  1. Well, it depends upon what your goals are. If you're shooting for big strength gains, a gym membership will be necessary to have access to things like a squat rack, barbells, lots of weight, etc. If there's a Planet Fitness around you, it's only $10/mo. If you're going for muscle growth (hypertrophy is the googleable word here in case you want to look into it more), you may be able to get by with dumbbells and a chin-up bar. You'd be missing some basic equipment to do certain lifts, but a set of dumbbells and a chin-up bar will still go a long way as long as you've got enough weight to mak
  2. I love it when life gives you some much needed perspective once in a while. Well, dude, if it helps at all, I took 4 months off because my stress fractured ulna took its sweet fucking time to heal. I lost 33 lbs during my time off, but I've put on about 14-15 lbs. in the past 4 weeks. So it comes back, and fast! If you need time to heal, take it. Best not to risk permanent injury. Live to lift another day.
  3. I'll get back to you on this later, but yes, there are lots of contradictory studies in nutrition, and in every scientific discipline as well. The easiest way to resolve these conflicts a priori is to apply the sort of "central dogma" of each discipline. Geology has plate tectonics. Chemistry has atomic theory. Physics has quantum theory (though this is constantly being revised), mechanics has relativity, etc. In the life sciences, the central dogma is evolution. If two studies contradict one another, then the one which makes evolutionary sense is the one which should probably be subscri
  4. Haha, I love this study. Synopsis: - High cheese consumption is related to low heart attack risk - Cooking with lots of butter is unrelated to heart attack risk (found in fulltext, not in abstract) - Eating butter on bread was shown to lead to a 34% higher heart attack risk compared to controls Not sure I agree with the first sentence of the abstract, though Dairy makes up a good 800-1000 Calories of my intake on off-days (mostly cheese) and just as much on my workout days (mostly butter). Good to know my arteries are enjoying it as much as my taste buds. So pump your bodies full of c
  5. Yep. Here's a list of all you need for a legally binding contract. If I remember one thing from some business law class I took (and I really do only remember one thing...) it's this. And it's important because it can save both you AND the dev in legal fees. One of the devs I'm working with now spent $$$ on a formal work-for-hire contract, aaaand that wasn't exactly necessary. The advantage of having a more formal, lawyer-reviewed contract, though, is that there's almost 0 chance of a misunderstanding or a lawsuit arising about contract validity or terms. Like Joe said, it's all a matter
  6. Thanks, dude! Facebook me dat link to your remix so I don't forget to give you feedback on it. I'm busy for the rest of the night
  7. Hey, guys. What'd I miss? Here's a remastered version of my Cold Man + Enker's Theme SNES metal remix. Enjoy!
  8. Experiment. Don't confine your thought process to "this is a dubstep track" or "this is an orchestral track" unless that's specifically what you want to write. That is, unless you WANT to become a specialist or if you WANT to perfect a particular style on its own. Writing music in general is what is important. Just let it flow naturally as you write. Easier said than done, but it's what I try to do, and I'm still improving using that approach.

  9. that was awesome!!!! good work, dude :D it's like you went to school for this stuff or something.

  10. Get into a contract with them ASAP to lock in terms for compensation, deadlines, etc. to make the whole process more organized and definitive, ESPECIALLY if it's a fairly large project with multiple, full-length tracks involved. Plus, you'll look and sound professional as fuck. Meteo's tips are solid, especially the Youtube one. I've asked everyone who has ever worked with me for reference material because a dev trying to describe the desired music to you with words is begging for the essence of what they want to be lost in translation. There's nothing more frustrating than spending hours
  11. I'm working on 3 VGM OSTs right now. I got one gig because of networking through a personal friend whose brother is an indie game developer, and it's a pretty small gig. The next rung up the ladder is for Approaching Infinity. I got this job sort of "accidentally on purpose." I'm a huge fan of roguelikes, and after playing through FTL and loving the shit out of Ben Prunty's soundtrack for it and seeing that zircon is writing an OST for Dungeonmans (another roguelike), I wondered if I could get a piece of the roguelike pie. So I googled something along the lines of "upcoming roguelikes"
  12. This isn't exactly an answer to your question, but sit-ups -- in my opinion -- are sort of a lie. They don't do anything that heavy lifting requiring core strength doesn't do. Almost nothing strengthens the core like requiring it to support, say, your 5-rep-max while squatting or doing deadlifts. The abdominal muscles are muscles of support, not really muscles intended to move loads from point A to point B. So if you treat them as such, they tend to grow better as a result. Exercises which require lots of core stability tend to grow the abs best, and I believe weighted exercises which req
  13. At least someone got in a good set of barbell rows. edit: In other news, I'm back in the gym after several months of injury time. And I'm up 10 lbs in 23 days, and my lifts are coming back way faster than expected! I'm pretty stoked about that momentum. Maybe I'll actually be at 175 for MAG like I was hoping...
  14. I've got them underneath my monitors now, and they do their job nicely :D

  15. SliceX works pretty well. Open it up, hit F1, and check out all the possibilities. It does a whole lot more than just slicing up audio.
  16. Just keep it up! You'll only get post-workout soreness for a couple of weeks.
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