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  1. I'd say the last time America had its shiz together was when Reagan was president
  2. Alright, I'm doing it. People still can totally call me G-Mixer if they want and I've got no problem with that but I never go by G-Mixer with anything anymore (last time I used it in any situation was for the SM64 remix album). tl;dr: I'd like my name switched to Garrett Williamson. Thanks.
  3. looks great so far, but of course the Zelda fanbase that had been demanding it so religiously for three years (and it turns out they've been in development of the game ever since they finished OoT 3D, which makes anyone's begging for it completely irrelevant) is now crapping all over it. you've got the Sonic fanbase that gets really hyped over a game and then play it and hate it because it's not up to the standards of Sonic Adventure 2 or something then you've got your Zelda fanbase that gets hyped over a game that they aren't even completely positive exists yet and then once it's announced they all get pointlessly mad and hate on it for no particular reason. moral of the story is fanbases aren't the best.
  4. they keep trying to bring it back it has good intentions but it's just too much government basically there's a turd on the carpet and they're trying to blow up the entire house to get rid of it.
  5. I heard that it's all crap. I wouldn't be surprised in the least bit. looked like poop from the start. I will be extremely impressed if I enjoy it.
  6. Dang, had a lot of potential in this one. Personally, not gonna lie, I was disappointed. Everything is too quantized and perfect. I loved Jordanius's part; the chorus is both funny and enjoyable. But with any music, *especially* this type of hip hop, it just can't be that perfectly quantized. It should be "out of the pocket" if that makes sense. It grooves so much harder when everything is a little off. You got this shuffle goin but when it sounds robotic, you just lose some of that groove magic. I did enjoy DiGi's rapping, once again, though. Enjoyable lyrics.
  7. FYI I'm open if anybody cares >_> I mean I'm busy now but I'll be available... eventually
  8. Kinda like how Project M implements mostly Melee features back into Brawl, they need to do that with like Mario Kart Wii and it plays like Double Dash. Unfortunately what I've heard is it's hard to break into the code of Mario Kart Wii. all hail Double Dash the greatest Mario Kart game existing amen
  9. I feel like I should figure out what their budget is, but then again they could be buttheads and lowball me and claim a lower budget than they actually have which would then leave me undercharging if I based my flat rate off their "budget". That is, if they have an established budget. Some people (like YouTubers) simply want music and they often don't really have a game plan together, which is usual for YouTubing, from experience. Ha. Sorry, I'm thinking aloud. I've been enjoying what I've been reading thus far.
  10. oh gawd no noooo also I just wanna state I love animation and it's my favorite film genre, but from a personal opinion this show kinda looks ridiculous I also don't like tv, so that adds to it. the only reason I use a tv is for video games hahahaha
  11. Thanks for the articles! Does $120 an hour even seem a little expensive to start with or is that just me? I know I can negotiate, but I don't wanna scare people off starting with something too expensive. I'm obviously no beginner to the art but I'm clearly a beginner to the business side of it, at least for getting paid (I'm getting the marketing side down ). At the same time, I don't wanna become the "cheap option" and screw with the industry.
  12. dave are you implying that you're 9 years old
  13. Hahaha, let me remind you I said $500 for a 3+ minute song. Not $500 a minute. But I gotcha.
  14. Lol I'd be happy to know the show wasn't gonna air in my country for a longer time.
  15. So I'm starting to get paid work for my music, and I'm trying to get more paid work to do composing for games, background music, jingles (like intros/outros), synth/beat programming, and mixing as well. A couple people that I've worked with are asking me what my flat rates would be if they told others about me and unfortunately I had no idea. I've talked to my professional musical father of over 25 years of experience but unfortunately he didn't have much info to give me because he doesn't really know this specific field very well. What he did say is that he feels as though if I were to do a 3 minute+ track that's completely original from scratch, that should be at least worth 500 bucks to charge, though he talked about how crappy money is in the industry nowadays and how much people take advantage of musicians, which is unfortunately very true. Also, the statement he made there was very specific; I listed plenty of other things I'm also trying to get paid work for. What I do know is that I don't wanna charge too little but I don't wanna charge too much as both can potentially cause major issues. Do you guys know a safe flat rate to start with, because I don't want to screw things up here, of course.
  16. There are so many things I could say about it but I don't think it's worth my time, hahaha! It's seriously just total garbage. I didn't even watch more than three episodes. I went and looked up what else happens and what I read told me "this isn't worth your time anymore."
  17. I gotta say this is pretty sexy. Honestly I have no issue with the kick thing Timeaus was saying. I love it how it is. However, I would definitely bring up the kit a bit or at least add some more punch. I feel like more low end could be added to the snare and both need more punch using a compressor, probably. Also, everything feels slightly too quantized for me. Too perfect. I think stuff should be at least a bit off because it sounds more natural and way groovier. As I like to put it, perfection is imperfection.
  18. ^This. Always. Often ideas spark late at night as well. But stuff pops in my head when I'm driving or in an elevator or walking in the mall or whatever. Always in some random spot that you would never imagine an idea popping up. But it does. It always does. I use my phone to record myself singing tunes if I don't have a piano close to me and then later I'll listen to it again and get it out on the piano.
  19. If this is going to be the title, it needs to be "Live to Be a Hero". I feel like it may be too long as well, but that's just my opinion.
  20. Happy birthday you freaking genius.

    What a moron you are.

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